Saturday, 30 May 2015

Gullivers World

The day included the older girls laughing at me, excitement, laughter, sickness, stress and having so much fun.

The day had arrived when Kacy and Kira were going to meet their pen friends, they were meant to meet them in the Easter Holidays but because I was ill, I had to cancel.

They knew we were meeting them, along my other friend Jenny and her 2 children, Azen-Ella and Asrin.  I had told my children what we were going to be doing, the face Kacy pulled! I asked her what was wrong? Then got the answer i've got used to from Kacy, "That's boring!"  

We got ready and left the house, on the way I received a text from my friend, Manda saying she was there.

At half ten in the morning, saying it had only just opened it, was getting busy. We got our tickets and went into the park, I rang Manda to find out where she was.  We then met up, introduced the girls to each other.  Manda also has 3 girls Charlotte who is 11, Hazel who is 9, and Annie who is 5. My children were really nervous to begin with, but that didn't last long.  Manda and her children had just been on the new ride, crazy train so that's where we went first. Summer wasn't tall enough for the ride, so Manda took her and they watched, Kira sat next to Hazel right at the front Kacy with Charlotte and me with Annie.  It was a good ride the girls enjoyed it, and that was the main thing. Kira didn't though she had cried all the way round.

We were thinking about where to go to next and all the girls sat on a wall so photo opportunity, even Charlotte and Hazel wanted me to take photos with their phones.

Summer still not sure 
Me and Manda kept looking at our phones to see if Jenny had text or rang us, the girls kept asking where she was but we all knew she was going to be late.  We got in the queue for adventure canyon Jenny caught up with us while we were in the queue, so while we were on that she went to the toilet.

They all loved the ride,

When we got off  and then we phoned Jenny to find out where she was, it wasn't good news Azen-Ella was poorly. so hoping her tummy ache would go off, we went on to the log flume.  I wasn't allowed to take a picture of the photo they had taken of us on the ride.  After the log flume, Azen-Ella still didn't feel well so Jenny took her to the toilet again, and we were hanging around the smaller rides. 

Not sure where or why I took photos of these two lol 

Then the kids found a ride they wanted to go Asrin and Summer didn't want to go on it and Annie and Kira wasn't big enough to go on without an adult so I went on with them,

The older ones didn't want to be sat next to me, Kira or Annie.  You can just see them in the second photo

Whist we decided what was the best thing to do, the kids played in the ball pit, we then decided it was best if we got some lunch, hoping it might be food Azen-Ella needed, so while Jenny and Azen-Ella went back to the car for her picnic, the kids just played in the park.

Top one was in the ball pit. So cute all of them engrossed by what Hazel was saying. Asrin was positive that he couldn't get to the top of it, when he finally tried he stayed their for 5 minutes 

Jenny returned back with her picnic and Azen-Ella had been sick on the way to the car and on the way back, so Jenny had to do the hard thing and go home with her, I said I would keep hold of Asrin so he didn't have to miss out. Jenny managed to get her money back, the staff said they don't usually do this but they can see it's a genuine illness.

Me and Manda with 7 kids in tow, decided to get on more rides because we hadn't got very far into the park since we had been there. 

The next ride was the Wild Mine ride, which Summer wasn't big enough but it worked out quite well that Manda, Annie, Hazel and Kacy went first, I got into the next cart and put Summer over the other side and the guy who was manning it kept her safe until Manda got their a couple of seconds later.

I could take photos of our photos this time 

We tried to cram in as many rides as possible before it closed, but it was getting harder with the older 3 wanting to go on things but the younger 4 needing adults to accompany them. 

Hazel was desperate to go on skull, at least I think that is what it is called, I said to Hazel that I would go on with her, but they were all big enough to go on themselves. so I went on the pirate ship with Kira and Annie; Asrin and Summer didn't want to so stayed with Manda and queued with the older 3.

The Queue was that big, I had been on the pirate ship and came back before they went on it. best photo I could get of them on it
Me and Manda said it was time to go on rides that Summer could go on with her being the smallest.

One of the rides we thought Kira, Annie and Asrin would be fine on there own, weren't so I ended up on it 3 times.

Summer was loving the driving rides, so we also had to queue up for the tractor ride.  we also went on the caterpillar ride.  The barrel ride which the all the kids love inside the western world, started playing inside the fort area and went on the small train on a really small track about 5 times especially Annie and Asrin.  They then went and play in the Junior cowboy town for a good half an hour while me and Manda had a brew.  Manda did give Kacy and Charlotte a job to find Annie and Asrin for a pound, Charlotte won that time.

Top 3 pictures the cars, Middle picture on the Tractor ride, last row on the left is the caterpillar ride last two on the bottom row is the barrel ride.

We then went into the Gullys cartoon studio, we were passing through it and the kids wanted to go on it, they had 2 goes on it but the first go Summer and Asrin refused to go on it, they then saw how much fun the older ones were having.

an 11 and two 9 years old on a ride meant for preschoolers 

The last couple of rides we went on were the Skull again, but Annie wanted to go on it this time so I had to go on it with them.  then the Pirate ship this time managed to get Asrin and Summer on it they loved it which they knew they would.

The picture of the empty Skull was proof I went on it.  Not sure what Manda and the kids were looking at. 

We were going to go and get ice cream before it shut but we all smelt Donuts and got them instead while we were eating them we got on the train right at the front. 

Then it was time to go, we said our goodbyes and headed to the car.  We all had a fantastic day out much more fun when you are with friends. We are all going to meet up again in the Summer Holidays,  Charlotte, Hazel and Kacy are now messaging each other since half term and wanting sleep overs, can see a very long and happy friendship with them three.  Kira and Anne got on like a house on fire also a fantastic friendship there. 

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  1. What a lovely day, so nice for children to have penpals, and to get to meet them is extra special.

    1. isn't it just, new friendsship from different places is such a fantastic thing to have

  2. Thank you so much for looking after Asrin so he could have a great day out x

  3. Thank you so much for looking after Asrin so he could have a great day out x

  4. What a lovely sounding day out and getting to meet a penpal is so awesome! x

  5. Looks like a fantastic day indeed! So many things to do in there. I use to have lots of penpals. Havent met them all but meeting some of them is always fun and exciting. #countrykids

  6. oh wow what a fun day out, we are going to try and go to Devons Crealy theme park. Get my Josh used to rides before we go to Disney next year lol x

  7. How lovely to meet their Pen Friends and a perfect place to choose too. I did feel sorry for the poorly one and her Mum who had to leave so soon but it looks like the rest of you had a wonderful time and the children all became real friends. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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