Sunday, 24 May 2015

HungryHouse Review

I love cooking but sometimes I really can't be bothered doing any cooking and want a night off, as any Mum would,

When I got the opportunity to review HungryHouse I jumped at the chance. I love a good take away.

HungryHouse Website is really easy to use you don't even need to register to order which I loved, You don't always want to register on every website before you do anything.

The main page of Hungry House 

You just pop in your postcode and press feed me and it takes you to local take away restaurants in and around your area. 

Some of the cuisines in our area. 

We went back to the same one we ordered from last time because we really enjoyed it and I wanted pizza, I know boring but it's what I fancied.

Who we ordered from. 

As soon as we had paid for it, I had received an email telling me it had gone through and thank you for ordering.   I then recieved an email telling me there was going to be a delay on my order and that it wasn't going to be delivered until 9pm and that they hope it didn't cause any inconvenience, they also told me that this order qualifies for the HungryHouse express.  If my order didn't arrive within 45 minutes of me submitting my order, I would get my next meal for free.  I liked this, it kept me informed at all times with what was going on.  It turned up 10 minutes later.  

So what did we order? 

Daddy ordered Chips and a Caza Special Calzone.  Daddy enjoyed his meal, he just wish he could of finished it.

Daddy couldn't eat it all, this was half of it. 

I ordered Onion Rings to share with Daddy and a Cheese and Tomato Pizza. 

The Onion Rings were lovely, I even shared with Kacy

I love a good cheese and tomato pizza it was lovely

We even got something we didn't order a Garlic Bread with Cheese (Love a good surprise freebie)

Kept forgetting to take pictures before we started eating 

As you can see we really enjoyed our meal, we will be definitely ordering through HungryHouse again very soon.

If you would like to order a takeaway through Hungryhouse you can do this via an app or through their website 

*we were given free credit for my honest opinion and photos*


  1. We love a good take away. Unfortunately hungry house doesn't have many restaurants on it near us. That calzone looks amazing. Wow, 10 minutes, great service.

    1. thats a shame hun. they don't have that many on there for us, we know we like that one so we stick to it lol

  2. I've not used Hungry House before, good to know that they keep you updated of any order problems.

    1. definitely worth a go hun a couple of times trying different restaurants to find one you like x

  3. Never tried this... I prefer a restaurant setting, am I just too old-fashioned. :/

    Oliver x

    1. I love going to a restaurant to but my husband doesn't he likes his home x


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