Sunday, 24 May 2015

Night Training Part 1

Potty training Summer was pretty easy, I was very surprised, during the daytime, Summer was potty trained within 2 weeks.  She wasn't potty trained when I was hoping for, which was by 2 and a half, she just wasn't ready at all.  She was potty trained a week before her third Birthday and that was such a relief that she wasn't going to be starting preschool wearing nappies.

She has been potty trained with the odd one or two accidents here and there for the last 10 months, so in that time I have tried to convince her not to wear a nappy at bedtime with no luck. 

I tried all sorts, buying different nappies, etc. with no luck, I went to dry nights but they didn't hold enough for her, so then we tried the princess ones which she loved putting on and we called them her night time knickers hoping she wouldn't wee in them, they worked for a short time where she would have the odd wee in them. But then, she just did it because she could. 

 Kacy and Kira were so different when potty and night training, Kacy was day and night trained in 2 weeks but scared of doing a number 2, Kira OMG! she was a nightmare to potty train in the day, looking back now I don't think she was quite ready but I wasn't giving up, I am the parent that once they are out of nappies, except at night they are not going back in them.  Kira got distracted too easily with toys, friends or TV, it took me a good 6 months to potty train her during the day. Night time training she was done by the end of the 2nd week both the girls were 2 and a half. 

My friends had given me ideas to try. I had spoken to her teachers recently asking for their advice on night training. 

If you know my daughter, she is the most stubborn child I have ever met and OMG! I thought I was stubborn, and she can out stubborn me and that's saying something! 

With her 4th birthday creeping up fast (scarey), I wanted her out of pull up's at night. So I was going to try one of my friends ideas, which was keep her knickers on and put a pull up over the top.  I wasn't very sure if she would do this, like I said she is stubborn. 

With Summer finished for the half term I asked Summer on the Thursday night if she wanted to wear knickers in bed she shocked me by saying yes. Wasn't holding out much hope, I was very surprised she went to bed and to sleep with knickers on, Daddy got her up at 10.30 ish to take her to the toilet where she did a wee and Daddy put her back in her bed and she slept through and woke up DRY!!!! 

Very proud parents indeed and extremely proud but embarrassed Summer 

She was jumping for joy when I was trying to take the photo. 

The second night she wanted a pull up on, lucky her pull ups are on the top shelf of her wardrobe, she can't see them. So I did tell her a fib and told her that they had gone in the bin, she was then happy to wear her knickers.  The same as the first night we woke her up at 10.30ish and took her the toilet but she didn't do anything which was fine, She went straight back to sleep and woke up at 7.30 and went straight to the toilet.

On the Third night, Summer didn't even question about leaving her knickers on, but we didn't go bed until just before midnight, I went to wake her up and she was wet, so we cleaned her up, Daddy put her on the toilet just to double check she didn't need another one and she went straight back to sleep and woke up dry. 

The fourth night which is tonight again no fuss on keeping her knickers on and Daddy is about to take her to the toilet, she has done a wee and gone straight back to sleep with no fuss. 

I am so proud of Summer and wanting to wear her knickers at bedtime she is doing so well.




  1. I was quite lucky that potty training wasnt too difficult with any of mine. Pleased Summer is getting the hang of it :)

  2. Every child is different and develop at their own pace. Luckily little man was potty trained easily and quickly, however it took longer for some of his friends. He was slow developing at other areas though, so they are all different x

    1. aren't they just, they certainly tell me as well lol

  3. Well done Summer. That is great. I am lucky, both mine became night trained within a week of daytime trained.

    1. thanks hun, you were so lucky with both of yours

  4. Summer's done so well, she's right to be very proud of herself! xx

  5. WELL DONE Summer!! She looks so proud and so she should be!!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky Hope too see you again Sunday!

  6. Well done Summer! She did it when she was ready and she looks very proud of herself. Hope the dry nights lasted and thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements


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