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SEA LIFE Manchester Review

You could feel the excitement from Kacy and Kira not knowing where we were or why we were there, Summer was crying because she had just been woken up.  We walked across the car park towards the front of Barton Square, they asked where we were and I told them at the Trafford Centre, their faces were a picture, thinking we were going shopping.  I said "No, we are not going shopping, we are here for a fun afternoon."

Kira saw the turtle and said "Mummy look at that, can we have our picture taken in front of it?"  I told all 3 of them we were here for their surprise, we were going to the SEA LIFE Centre.

I think this picture says everything about their surprise 

We had gotten there at the right time, we walked straight in.  The man who served us, gave the girls books to get stamped at certain parts and paper goggles to wear which I thought was a brilliant touch, it meant they had to be looking at everything and finding where they could stamp their books.

We had our photo taken, however we didn't buy it because Summer was looking cross in it. We queued up for a short talk about the Turtle, how turtles lay eggs on the beach and the hatchlings run to the sea after they are born at night so they don't get eaten.  Kacy and Kira took it all in, whereas Summer didn't like it at all. we were in a room which was dark, the only light was coming from the globe and the floor where they were projecting the turtle on to the sand.  The talk lasted for a few minutes and then we were allowed in to the main centre of the SEA LIFE centre. 

It was really well laid out, loved the fact they had lots to see, and educational things for the girls to do and read. 

Kira was loving looking at all the different types of fish, where Kacy loved reading what they were and what they ate, she also took notes. 

I spent 15 minutes looking in this one tank, I really wanted a picture of this certain puffer fish, my favourite fish, but the orange puffer fish was to fast for me and in a circular tank as well I had no hope.

Kira loved the eel at one point we thought it was going to eat the fish but we soon realised it was cleaning the eel. Their was lots of tunnels for the children to go in and see more, which Kira loved. and found every single one.

The stripy fish, was a new fish in the tank, my pictures doesn't do it justice, such a beautiful fish. 

The Jellyfish were a huge hit with our 3 girls, in one of the Jelly fish tanks, you could change the light to make the Jellyfish a different colour.

Kacy taking notes at every opportunity 

We went into the next part of the centre, and they had a small section where you could touch and hold different things, Kira held everything, even saw what Jellyfish ate. Loving the fact everything was educational but the girls were having fun at the same time.

Kira holding a fossil. Top right picture Kira is holding a sharks tooth.
They had a long tunnel for you to walk through to see the sharks and the famous turtle. and some massive Fish.
The girls looking at the Nemo Fish through the tunnel. 
After the tunnel the girls could put the hands on an egg to see if they would have a boy or a girl, Kira was going to have a girl.

There was also a talking turtle with a small video underneath it to tell you all about the giant turtle
I loved the turtle section.
When we got near the end the girls found a soft play area section, it wasn't very big but perfect for a 5-10 minute play to let of some steam, Even Kacy went and played. 

Daddy being silly and Summer copying by wearing the googles. 

We walked into a section where there was a massive tank that you could around, plenty of room for you to be there ages without being in the way of other people.  We spent a good 15 minutes in this section watching them swim around. 

Such beautiful Creatures. 
The next section was the Crab, Seahorse and Starfish section, I tried to take a picture of the Seahorses but they came out all blurry, Kira asked if she could have one in her fish tank.

They had a small amount of Crabs, Star Fish in a small open tank and someone was talking about them and what they eat, you could also touch them, just the top of the Crab and the tips of the Starfish.  I couldn't convince Kira and Summer to touch them but Kacy did after some persuasion.

Daddy took the photos of us touching the crab and starfish, this was the best one out of 6 photos. 

The very last section was games and teaching kids more about the beach and sea, the girls bee lined to the sand where you had to take out the things that should be on the beach.

The girls having fun playing in the sand cleaning the beach up 

The SEA LIFE centre is great fun with lots of tunnels for the kids to go and look in, some SEA LIFE creatures to touch and feel with educational alongside it but in the way the kids enjoy learning about the sea and the animals that live in it. 

It isn't a full day but a fantastic half a day outing, we made it a full day out with going for a late lunch afterwards and walking around the Trafford centre. The lego centre is next door and you can get a deal to get into both which looks like a fantastic deal. 

Would we go again?  Yes we would maybe not this year, but definitely in the future.

*we were given free tickets for my own opinions and photos 

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  1. The photos are amazing. I know my kids would love a trip here, shame I live so far away

  2. I love rays. I can see how this is a great trip for kids.

  3. I've not managed to visit it yet, looks like you had a great day out! x

  4. What a great day out and lovely review. I have been meaning to take my two to this before B starts school. Sounds ace. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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