Sunday, 3 May 2015

St Helen Farm Review

When I go out, if I have drink too much coffee or tea I get horrible tummy pains.  This happened for years and I never knew why until someone mentioned to try using almond milk, I gave it a go, but I didn't really like it in my tea or coffee and especially not with cereal and I'm a cereal girl.  Then someone told me to try cravendale milk or filtered milk, and it was something in the milk that would be affecting me, since then I have been having filtered or cravendale milk.

As humans we are all lactose intolerant, we weren't born to be able to drink cow's milk, and more children are born not being able to drink milk or eat anything with dairy in it.

When the opportunity came along to review some Goats milk from St Helens Farm I jumped at the chance, I have never tried anything with Goats milk in it and neither had the girls, I was really excited to get started on trying them.

A large mysterious box was delivered to our home. I wondered what on earth was inside the box, opened it up and it was well packaged with ice packs inside the box and inside the cool bag, I couldn't believe how much they had sent for us to try, even the girls were really excited to see what was in the box.

2 cups are missing of the pictures because I hadn't seen them in the box, Daddy found them when I mentioned it to him, if you like a nice cup buy one. 

There was already the question from the girls about who was having the goat, so I said we would decide later on. popped the question randomly who would like the goat and the one who answered the quickest was...

Kira, who as you see she was very smug with herself 

We loved all the products the girls favorite was the mild cheese, Summer ate this on its own, she loved it and if she could she would of eaten the block, I blinked and the mild cheese had gone. I used the Goats butter on all our sandwiches instead of our normal margarine and no one noticed, I used this in all my cooking that needed butter. 

Me making a sandwich with Goats Butter and Mature Cheese. 

We found the mature cheese was very strong, even Daddy didn't like it on it's own, but with Ham or Chicken it was lovely.

We received four yoghurts to try and I totally forgot to take a picture of these. The flavours were Raspberry and Elderflower, sicilian lemon and two honey ones. The girls had the honey ones and I had the other two, I will be ordering these, they were so so nice. Very different compared to yoghurts made from cow's milk you can buy in the shops, the girls loved them and have asked me when we are getting some more in. 

This Picture was taken by St Helens Farm

The cheese spread, I used on the girls sandwiches and also used it as a pasta sauce which it recommended with a little bit of the natural yogurt to give it a bit more sauce to it. 

I loved the Goats Milk, I used all three of them couldn't tell a difference between them not like normal cows milk. I especially loved it in my coffee, not so much in my tea. but mainly used the milk for my coffee, I have just ran out of the milk and my coffee doesn't taste as nice. 

 As a family we are not a natural yogurt type people, so this was one of the last things for me to try, so the first thing I tried it on was on weetabix and strawberries, It was so nice, it filled me up a lot quicker then if i had used normal milk and had to leave unfinished.

The different things I used it for, the butter picture I was doing a risotto. 

I even got the girls to have natural yogurt with fruit on it, even my nephew, who told me he wasn't going to eat it because it didn't look nice, he had great delight to tell me that he had finished it all.  Summer and Kira had seconds helpings. 

Proof they ate it.
I loved the fact that everything they sent to us has a really long shelf life , we have used everything it has taken us about 3-4 weeks to use it all, I used the last of the Milk yesterday.

You can order your own goats milk, yogurts and cheese from St Helens Farms Website Here, they have recipes, where you can buy it from and the health benefits from using goats milk. 

Would I buy it again?  Yes I would, It last for ages, and tastes lovely in my coffee, the girls loved the yogurts as I did and the mild cheese we all loved. 


  1. I'm a big fan of goat's cheese. Great review.

    1. first time i have ever tried goat cheese or milk. someone suggest sheep milk to me not sure on that one

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of reviewing all those goodies:-) (Amanda Millie)

    1. it was great fun hun, will definitely see if i can do another food product review

  3. Love the stuffed animal that came in the pack :)


    1. it was so cute, Kira still carrys it around with her

  4. Wow lots of stuff to review! I'm particularly interested in the goats butter and the yogurts. Also it'd be interesting to try out some of their recipes. Love the goat that you got too, did the kids name him? :)

    1. it was a TY beanie, it was called Goatee hehe.


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