Tuesday, 30 June 2015

CloudBabies Review

CloudBabies is a TV show on CBeebies. It is about four enchanting, childlike characters, Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow and Baba Green.  Their job is to look after the sky and their sky Friends, Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa cloud and little Star.

Here is the beautiful, colourful Cloudbabies.

From Web. 

We got the opportunity to review Cloudbabies, Summer has watched them every so often and didn't seem to be that interested in them, but with them being like a doll though she might take a fancy to them, I got Summer to pick the two she wanted which were, Baba Green and Baba Blue with a blanket.

Baba Green and Baba Blue with blanket 

Baba Green was a nice size for a child to hold and play with, as a really soft body and a hard head, he did have some weight in his head. Baba Blue again was a nice size for little ones to hold, and play with, he was also very soft perfect for a bedtime buddy, with a blanket that was sewn on, which means it wasn't going to fall off. Which I thought was a good idea especially if you take them out with you. The thing that put me off about Baba Blue was his face, it is really creepy but that didn't put Summer and her friends playing with them both.

Summer playing with Baba Blue. 

Summer enjoyed playing with both of the Cloudbabies for a short time, but soon got bored and went off to play with something else as well as her friends that came round to play with them too, their ages were 8 months old and just turned 3.

I wouldn't go out and buy any for Summer I think she is a bit old for the CloudBabies toys now, but would be an idea gift for a younger child.  if they are really into CloudBabies It does say on the label aged 3+ 

*we were given the cloudbabies for my own honest opinion*

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lego friends and Doc Mcstuffin Duplo

When the girls realised what was in the post, you should off heard the screams of happiness, which soon turned to arguments of who was getting the Lego friends, it got put on the table and said we would decide over the next couple of days, the next day another massive Lego friends turned up and again the screams of happiness, I then decided that Kira would have the bigger one and Kacy the smaller one and of course Summer the Duplo.

you can see the excitement on their faces 

Summer was allowed to play with the Duplo the day we got it, which she was delighted about this was the first surprise she had gotten in the post.

The first thing Summer noticed was it had Doc Mcstuffin on it, it was really easy to open, and one packet inside meaning it took minutes to get it all out on the floor for her to play with. 

Kacy helping Summer 

you could build two different scenes, which was fantastic. It meant she had to keep using her imagination, concentration and coordination skills but will still keeping her interested in the Duplo, The Duplo is all really study and colourful.

The first one they made, Rosie is hurt.

The second one. Rosie is all better thanks to Doc Mcstuffin
It was dead easy to swap it over from the house and table to to the truck and tree. Rosie is hurt on one side of the brick and has recovered on the other.  This was really the first time Summer had played with Duplo, she did have some when she was 1 but paid no attention to it, so when she was thrilled and didn't stop playing with this I was over the moon that she was playing with something else other than Dolls. The set Summer was playing with is called Rosie the Ambulance (rrp £16.99) the age range on this is 2 to 5 years old. I have already got the other Doc Mcstuffin set Backyard Clinic in mind for Summer's Birthday.

Kira's Lego is called Pop Star Limo (rrp £18.99), which we built together for a short time, then it was her tea time and I carried on building it.  I don't know any parent who doesn't love building Lego. 

In the box it had two labeled bags, it is so easy to find the pieces and to follow the instructions, unless you're 7 years old so eager to build it that you rip open both bags making it harder to find the right pieces. 

Kira playing with part of the sets that we had built. and excited that Livil is built for her to play with

They have put so much thought and detail into the construction of this lego, they have thought of everything to make this interesting for girls. even down to little sunglasses on their heads, champagne glasses, grapes and even a Sat Nav for the Limo. 

The Limo 

The Limo, the red carpet and the stage. 

The Friends popstar range is brand new, it hit the shelves on the 1st June, with the sassy but sweet new character Livil with her colorful pink hair.

You can buy other ranges in the Popstar range like the one Kacy got called Pop Star Recording Studio (rrp £12.99), Kacy had to help Olivia get the recording studio ready for Livil to come and record her new album.

Kacy getting stuck right in, I blinked and she had built it. 

Olivia making sure everything works. 

All the girls have loved the Lego they have got and picked out other lego they would like.

Which Friends lego character is your child's favourite or do they just love all of them?

*we got given the lego for free, for my own opinion and photos*

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My Sunday Photo

Me and Summer 

A couple of weeks ago Me and Summer went to Formby beach with a friend and her two children, we had a fantastic time.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Southport Food Festival

On the 30th May Daddy came home from going on the Warrington Parkrun and suggested to me that we should go to the Southport Food Festival, someone had shared it on Facebook, with me and Daddy being very much food people this was the perfect thing to do and something to do with Kira and Summer.  Kacy was on a sleepover at Nanna Dawn and Grandad's Colin's and we weren't expecting her back till the evening.

We got ready, then we all got into the car, including Spirit and headed off to Southport. Summer had fell asleep on the way there, which was good. Meaning that hopefully she would be in a good mood when we got there. how wrong was I!

We got stuck in a bit of traffic, which we already knew with having such a big event on, we finally parked up and started walking across to the park.

The first thing on the agenda was to get Kira and Summer some lunch. Summer started crying and was scared and we realised the cause of this was the music and the guy talking over the speaker that was scaring her, (she is going through a phase of really loud noisy scaring her) Daddy managed to calm her down by giving her cuddles and carrying her. we didn't walk far before Kira had decided what she wanted and that was the pancakes, so we got in the queue, Summer still hadn't decided and you guessed it she was in a mood, she gets very moody when she is hungry or tired, like typical 3 year old.

Waiting in the Queue for Waffles and Pancakes 

Summer finally decided as she saw people eating them that she wanted the waffles.  Not the healthiest lunches but one day wouldn't hurt them. Kira got Pancakes with syrup and Summer got waffles with strawberries and cream, but didn't eat loads so Kira and I helped her.

We decided to have a walk around and do a toilet stop, to find out what me and Daddy wanted for our lunch.  As we walked around we spotted a fudge stall so Daddy with the help of Kira and Summer brought some fudge, which each of the girls had a piece. We then saw some American Indian type music and dancing which Kira was fascinated with so we stopped to watch it.   I had already decided what I wanted for my lunch so while the girls and Daddy watched that I went to get mine.

Summer not happy that Kira had Sat down to watch.

The girls and Daddy soon got bored of listening to the music and soon came to find me, I wasn't that far in the queue, I think in total I was in that queue for 20 minutes.  But when Kira found out what I was having for my lunch she got very upset.

Kira favourite animal PIGS

She quickly calmed down and said it wasn't like the pink piglets she had pictures of its a hog so comes from the wild.   While I sat and ate mine at a table with Kira, Daddy and Summer went and got Daddy a massive american hotdog which I already knew he would get.

After Daddy finished his HotDog we went for another look around, the girls had seen a bouncy castle. So we said it depends on the price, but when we got there the price was £1 for as long as they want, they girls had a good play for about 10-15 minutes while me and Daddy were watching them we got a coffee to warm up, by this point the weather had cooled down a lot, Daddy and I hadn't brought coats. 

We called the girls off and went to find something else to do, and they wanted to play in this one section so Daddy waited outside with Spirit while I took the girls in, Inside the tent it was crafty things, which I wasn't excepting so the girls got stuck in and made a crown each, went out showed Daddy then went back in and made a keyring each.  Came out and Daddy said we had been gone 20 minutes, WHOOPS!

Girls making there crowns and keyrings. 

It was Ice cream time, so we walked the short distance to the Ice cream van, while we were in the queue the girls stood together so nicely, I managed to get the nicest picture of the two of them.

Another for my photo wall.

We finally got the ice cream, we were all very cold by this point, we found a table where the loud music was lucky Summer was use to it and wasn't bothered by it now.  I even shared some of mine with Spirit.

Yes Nanna I used a different spoon

Once we finished our Ice Creams it was time to head back to the car, while we had been walking around we kept seeing people with what looked like crisps on a stick, we passed it the stall and it was called Great British Potato Company, we both wanted some so we got in the queue and waited for them.  we were really intrigued by them, there were lots of different flavour, we kept it safe and went with Garlic and Herb.  It was really interesting watching them make them, a man would get a potato use a special thing to make spirals, then they fried them and then got the flavouring and sprinkled it over.

The end result. Daddy took the picture of me holding them, he did a good job. 

The girls wanted to try them which we both shocked at and they loved them so Me and Daddy had to share them, we weren't going to buy 2 just purely for the cost of £3.20 but worth it just to say we tried them. 

It was time to go home we had a fantastic afternoon doing something totally different and it was spur of the moment idea, Daddy is keeping a look out for other things like this to do, next time hopefully Kacy will be with us. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Father's Day Review

As a family we eat a lot of bread and it is Roberts's bread so when we got the opportunity to review Roberts think soft & fluffy bread, to make breakfast in bed extra special for Daddy we jumped at the chance. 

What do you do for Father's Day?  Do you make breakfast in bed or go out for lunch of tea?

We do breakfast in bed, well we try but we are usually very busy at the weekends and with me working this weekend, I made him his extra special bacon sandwich for lunch along with a few other bits to go with it.

We got a tray to take it up to him on, special tea bags called Tea Pigs which make the nicest cup of tea, the Roberts thick soft & fluffy white bread.

I brought him his favourite juice of Orange and Mango, nice bacon with brown sauce. 

The bread was delicious so soft and fluffy, kept the bacon in the sandwich together nicely, we could of eaten more there and then.  

I even toasted the bread, it stayed so soft and fluffy and kept it shape which I find other breads don't often do.

Daddy was not impressed that I wanted a photo of him with his tray of goodies but he put a brave face on and let me take the photo.

Daddy and his lunch

Roberts bakery have come up with their own guide for the perfect bacon butty, which you can find here it looks extremely interesting and will be trying it out next with another loaf of Roberts thick Soft & fluffy.

Hope all the father's out there have a fantastic fathers day, I hope you get the bacon butty in bed made by your children. 

*we got given these as a gift for my own honest opinion and my own photos*

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Yummy Nummies Review by Kacy aged 9

When Mummy said that we were getting some Yummy Nummies to make, we jumped for joy. The craze for them started in Japan and spread to the UK and they look and taste like the real things.

Kira chose the Cookie set to make and I had the Pizza.

The Yummy Nummies

The pizzas were really quick, easy, simple and fun to make! With clear and easy to read instructions.          

Me with everything out the box
They came with 3 packets, a scoop, a spoon and little trays to pour the ingredients into. All you needed to get was scissors and water.                                                                                         
Making Tiny pizzas

before and after they were in the microwave

making the sauce and putting the sauce on the bases
In total they only took 15 seconds in the microwave. You only had to wait 90 seconds in total for them to cool.  Yummy Nummies is a brand new way to make miniature foods such as, the pizza and cookies we have made and the Chicken nuggets, Burger and Fries, and much more.

The end product.

These are the photos of Kira making the Yummy Nummies Cookies, These took about 10-15 minutes from start to finish.

Kira really pleased it was her turn

Much easier for younger children

The finished cookie and Kira loving them.

Me and Kira loved making the Pizza and Cookies and can't wait to get some different ones.  you can buy these from Toys R us  or Character-online RRP £6.99

*we were giving these as gifts for our own photos and opinions* 

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Monday, 15 June 2015

A Book Review By Kacy Age 9:- Dork Diaries Drama Queen

I read this fantastic book by Rachel Renée Russell called Dork Diaries: TV star. This is what I think of it.

It was interesting all about how hard life can be, enemies, boyfriends, and just normal everyday friends. It shows how Nikki Maxwell deals with a girl as bad as a Tasmanian devil called Mackenzie, a big hot crush who the Tasmanian devil has a crush on to. As well as a TV show starring Nikki   Mackenzie??? What, Mackenzie is the new choreographer! The Tasmanian devil, Mackenzie is going to knock Nikki down on worldwide television or is she?

It was super interesting reading all about Nikki trying to be knocked down by Mackenzie always failing each time in hilariously funny ways. Going further and further away from getting her crush to become her boyfriend. Who gets the boy? Read and see.
Rachel entwines fails and enemies into funny stories.     

You can buy this book from Amazon  for £6.85.

**we were given a free book for our own honest opinions**

Friday, 5 June 2015

More Drinks Review

Do you struggle to drinking enough water in your diet?  I know I certainly do, I mainly drink tea, coffee, Diet Coke and juice.  The girls have to take water to school but they barely touch it. So when the opportunity came about for me to review More Drinks I welcomed it, in the hope that as a family we would all get into the habit of drinking more water.

What is More Drinks you're asking? Well More Drinks is a company that makes bottled water but not just plain old boring water, water with flavour, with extra vitamins and minerals, sparkling flavoured water, flavoured waters designed for children.

So which ones did I get to review?

Left to Right:- Sparkling Blackcurrant &blueberry, Sparkling Orange, Still Mango & Passionfruit and Still Cranberry & pomegranate.

Left to Right:- Apple & Raspberry, Childrens ones were Orange, Mango and Apple.  Sparkling Lemon and Lime. 

These all came at the right time, it was my weekend to work, I always end up stopping for a bottle of pop to take with me but instead I took one of the bottles of water with me, which I enjoyed all of them even the Sparkling ones.  They don't just use normal water they use More Spring Water to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated for longer.

I took the girls with their bottle of water each when we went to Gullivers world. which they all loved, they would of drank them before hand if I had let them and been asking for some more since we got them.

These are now available in shops:- Tesco, WH Smiths, Asda, The Moleface Pub, Ocado, Sainsbury's, Park and Shop and Road Chef.

I have just looked on Asda's website and the bigger bottles are a £1 each which is cheaper than a small bottle of pop and you can buy the children More Drinks in packs of 6 for £3.99.  I will be buying some this week.

These are an up and coming company, I had never heard of them until I went to a blogging event and I am so glad I have got to know their company and some of the staff, they are so friendly and helpful.

More Drinks are on facebook, twitter and instagram

You can find all the different bottles of water they do and what benefits they have in them on their website