Friday, 19 June 2015

Father's Day Review

As a family we eat a lot of bread and it is Roberts's bread so when we got the opportunity to review Roberts think soft & fluffy bread, to make breakfast in bed extra special for Daddy we jumped at the chance. 

What do you do for Father's Day?  Do you make breakfast in bed or go out for lunch of tea?

We do breakfast in bed, well we try but we are usually very busy at the weekends and with me working this weekend, I made him his extra special bacon sandwich for lunch along with a few other bits to go with it.

We got a tray to take it up to him on, special tea bags called Tea Pigs which make the nicest cup of tea, the Roberts thick soft & fluffy white bread.

I brought him his favourite juice of Orange and Mango, nice bacon with brown sauce. 

The bread was delicious so soft and fluffy, kept the bacon in the sandwich together nicely, we could of eaten more there and then.  

I even toasted the bread, it stayed so soft and fluffy and kept it shape which I find other breads don't often do.

Daddy was not impressed that I wanted a photo of him with his tray of goodies but he put a brave face on and let me take the photo.

Daddy and his lunch

Roberts bakery have come up with their own guide for the perfect bacon butty, which you can find here it looks extremely interesting and will be trying it out next with another loaf of Roberts thick Soft & fluffy.

Hope all the father's out there have a fantastic fathers day, I hope you get the bacon butty in bed made by your children. 

*we got given these as a gift for my own honest opinion and my own photos*


  1. You can't beat a good bacon sandwich with loads of ketchup!

  2. Perfect breakfast for any day and especially Father's Day morning


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