Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lego friends and Doc Mcstuffin Duplo

When the girls realised what was in the post, you should off heard the screams of happiness, which soon turned to arguments of who was getting the Lego friends, it got put on the table and said we would decide over the next couple of days, the next day another massive Lego friends turned up and again the screams of happiness, I then decided that Kira would have the bigger one and Kacy the smaller one and of course Summer the Duplo.

you can see the excitement on their faces 

Summer was allowed to play with the Duplo the day we got it, which she was delighted about this was the first surprise she had gotten in the post.

The first thing Summer noticed was it had Doc Mcstuffin on it, it was really easy to open, and one packet inside meaning it took minutes to get it all out on the floor for her to play with. 

Kacy helping Summer 

you could build two different scenes, which was fantastic. It meant she had to keep using her imagination, concentration and coordination skills but will still keeping her interested in the Duplo, The Duplo is all really study and colourful.

The first one they made, Rosie is hurt.

The second one. Rosie is all better thanks to Doc Mcstuffin
It was dead easy to swap it over from the house and table to to the truck and tree. Rosie is hurt on one side of the brick and has recovered on the other.  This was really the first time Summer had played with Duplo, she did have some when she was 1 but paid no attention to it, so when she was thrilled and didn't stop playing with this I was over the moon that she was playing with something else other than Dolls. The set Summer was playing with is called Rosie the Ambulance (rrp £16.99) the age range on this is 2 to 5 years old. I have already got the other Doc Mcstuffin set Backyard Clinic in mind for Summer's Birthday.

Kira's Lego is called Pop Star Limo (rrp £18.99), which we built together for a short time, then it was her tea time and I carried on building it.  I don't know any parent who doesn't love building Lego. 

In the box it had two labeled bags, it is so easy to find the pieces and to follow the instructions, unless you're 7 years old so eager to build it that you rip open both bags making it harder to find the right pieces. 

Kira playing with part of the sets that we had built. and excited that Livil is built for her to play with

They have put so much thought and detail into the construction of this lego, they have thought of everything to make this interesting for girls. even down to little sunglasses on their heads, champagne glasses, grapes and even a Sat Nav for the Limo. 

The Limo 

The Limo, the red carpet and the stage. 

The Friends popstar range is brand new, it hit the shelves on the 1st June, with the sassy but sweet new character Livil with her colorful pink hair.

You can buy other ranges in the Popstar range like the one Kacy got called Pop Star Recording Studio (rrp £12.99), Kacy had to help Olivia get the recording studio ready for Livil to come and record her new album.

Kacy getting stuck right in, I blinked and she had built it. 

Olivia making sure everything works. 

All the girls have loved the Lego they have got and picked out other lego they would like.

Which Friends lego character is your child's favourite or do they just love all of them?

*we got given the lego for free, for my own opinion and photos*

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  1. Lego is great. I used to have hours of fun with Lego. I never bothered with Duplo, I went straight on to Lego x

  2. I always loved Lego! Except when stepping on it.. That was painful! Haha

  3. What great sets....We love Lego here x

  4. We are big fans of Lego in our house though we've not had any of the Lego Friends stuff, so far it has been firmly the domain of the boys.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  5. My oldest loves Lego friends and use to spend hours building them and playing with them my toddler would love the Duplo as she is a huge Doc fan and i had no idea they even made this x #triedtested

    1. Neither had i till i got it, and they have more doc mcstuffin duplo and princess ones as well


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