Sunday, 5 July 2015

All My Secrets book review by Kacy Lawless age 9

I love reading, I have been reading since I learnt to read but always looked and loved have a book read to me. When Mummy said I had a new book All My Secrets I wasn't sure, it's not a book I would have chosen for myself out of choice. This new book was a challenge to follow because it is a 12+ and I'm not used to books on this sort of topic.

I had never heard of Sophie Mckenzie but for the first book by her I loved it. I finished it in 2 days, not being able to put it down. It had an outstanding plot twist, where two of the most unsuspected characters work together but I won't say anymore so that you can read it without knowing the end. Evie our main character who starts with one problem to begin with, when she is left a £10 million. Trusting her Dad, her Uncle Gavin and her 'Mum' she goes to Lightsea to calm down after the shocking truth.

Where Mr Lomax comes into the picture, when Evie suddenly comes to the conclusion that maybe the truth she knows about the big secret isn't the truth, but as everyone knows you should NEVER jump to conclusions. She also meets Pepper, Anna, Kit, Josh, Samuel and Miss Bunnock, and yes two of them may or may not be the unsuspecting characters.

It is full of such adventure so if you're bored, don't hesitate to read it you feel like you're right next to

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*I was given a free copy for my own honest review and photos*

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the book, Kacy! It's always good to read books that you wouldn't choose for yourself! xx


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