Friday, 24 July 2015

Beados Gems Design Studio Review

When the beados Gems Design Studio arrived, Kira was over the moon and couldn't wait to start making new things.  The Gems Design Studio was really easy to get out of the box and get it all setup ready for her to start making her first jewellery, that was the crown for her teacher.

Beados are the magic beads that join together with a spray of water, no glue no heat no mess

All set ready for her to make her Crown

I showed Kira how to use it, and assisted with the first couple of beads to show Kira what to do.  I then left her to do it, she then shouted me over because the bead wouldn't come out from the pen, I had to give it a shake, and it started working again, Kira carried on again and soon got stuck, this time it was due to the button at the top of the studio that pushes the beads down through the tube to the pen wasn't pushing them down, I moved the pen to the middle and twisted the beads.

It is a really good concept however there are some flaws, such as the beads getting stuck at the top or in the pen, There is nothing at the bottom to stop it moving so it slides around really easily, it could do with some rubber feet at the bottom to stop it moving, also because the bead tray doesn't hook to anything, if you or anyone else knocks the tray or the Design studio, all the beads go flying. This means starting again.
The water bottle leaked so I had to keep it empty until it was time to spray on to them. We found out the hard way because it leaked over night underneath the pattern and leaked all over the pattern and ruined it. 

Like I said it has some really good points to it.  you can keep all the beads in space so you don't have them lose every where. Easy to store and you leave your children to it to make there own Jewellery for them or as a present like Kira did. Kira had a fun making them maybe a slightly older child, who has more patience would be able to do it without knocking it flying. The more Kira used the Beado Gem the better she became at it making things quickly and knowing how to sort it out if the beads got stuck herself.  

The ones Kira chose to make. 
The Design Studio is suitable from 4+ and it retails at £19.99

*we got given the product for our own honest view and photos*

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  1. These beads look great. I think my little 7 year old niece would love them so might give them a try and see what she makes of them.

  2. This looks like an impressive gift to give, perhaps at Christmas or a birthday. I always remember kits like this ending up being a bit hit and miss though, but good for rainy days.

  3. Beads are great to play with and I think Grotbags would love this x

  4. Wow it looks really cool. We're still too young for that but my niece would love it :) #TriedTested


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