Sunday, 19 July 2015

Horrible Histories

Last weekend we were invited to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester to see the new exhibition Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits, we asked Nanna to have Summer so we could spend some one on one time with Kacy and Kira.  We arrived slightly early and got welcomed into a room and got to do some colouring in whist we waited for the rest of the families to turn up.  The staff asked the girls question to find out what they knew about the war, Kira wasn't to sure and Kacy answered all of them correctly.

Right to Left- Just before we went in and the girls colouring in. 

 We were then shown to the room which was just up the stairs, very well signed posted.  The room was very welcoming and very exciting, Kira charged off not really looking at anything, to look at everything. So I had a quick chat with her to calm her down and let her know that we would see everything that was there.

They had loads to look at, videos to watch, things to try, dress up, loads to learn. I could tell you loads of what we did, it would give it all away so why not go yourself its definitely worth the morning or afternoon trip out.

I liked the fact they had work books for the children meaning they had to find information out do tasks and get a letter from each station to make up a word at the end, meaning they were taking everything in.

Setting up their work books 

They had loads of items from the war including toys that children would of recieved for christmas, how food was rationed, if they didn't have a shelter outside what they would do with their dining room table. how they went to the toilet which made the girls laugh.

Some of my pictures 

They got to see what how it was like in a blackout, they got the milk a cow, dress up, play a game to see where you would go if you were a child who was sent to the countryside, listen to people's stories on the phone, watch videos of children getting on the train.

Watching the video of what it is like to be leaving your mum to go to the country, listening to real life stories and a game to see where you would end up 

The cows had to be painted to be able to see them, the girls milking the cow.

Daddy even joined in dressing up. 

Hopefully I haven't given to much away, here is Kacy and Kira's favorite part of the museum.

Kira:- My favourite part was the room to learn about how they lived at christmas and how they cooked in the war.

Kacy:- looking at the ration books and seeing what they could eat and what they couldn't, also the food they could throw away and what they couldn't.

The horrible history blitzed brits is on till April 2016 and it really is worth a trip over.

*we were given the first look for our own honest views and photos*


  1. Looks like you had a great day out with you family, my brother would have loved to have gone to this when we were younger - thanks for sharing x

  2. I live around Manchester so I will be taking my kids there. Looks like a nice day out.


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