Friday, 24 July 2015

The First Day of the Holidays

Kacy and Kira finished school on Friday, whereas Summer didn't finish until the following Tuesday, The Monday was just like a normal day, which meant that Nanna picked the girls up from our home at half eight, and then dropped Summer off at school and the older two children went to spend the day with Nanna.

On Tuesday, we dropped Summer of for her very last day at Preschool. The preschool have been amazing with Summer, when she first started last year, Summer barely said anything to anyone and when she did it was only somebody's name. Now she says a larger number of words, and is even putting sentences together, although she still gets embarrassed when ask her to say or repeat a new word. She has grown so much in a year.

After we had dropped Summer off, Kacy, Kira and I went into the woods to walk Spirit. Kacy & Kira finally stopped clinging to me, and went to go and explore the woods, they even climbed trees. Kacy did get stuck on a tree, which I had to go and rescue her from.  Spirit found some friends whilst walking. They were Jake, Ruben and some other dogs, that she soon became friends with.

I helped Kira climb up this tree and lifted her back down.

With it being a day with the older two, I wanted to go and do something different with them, I asked a friend, Christine (winwick mum) and her daughter, who is friends with Kacy, which we will call "F", if she fancied going formby beach so the girls could go exploring? The last time we went, I had to cut it short, I tried doing it, but it ended up with not having enough of me to go around,  but Christine found something much more fun to do.

We packed a picnic and warm clothes, which felt really weird with it being really warm. We then headed off to collect Christine and "F".  We then went to Chill Factore, Kacy, Kira and I have never been before, so it was exciting to go and see what it was all about.

We arrived and we decided to go in and see what else was on, they had a free taster of the rock climbing but we had no takers for it.  They had heart radio in doing free face paints, so all the girls got snowflakes painted on them.  We went upstairs to look at the snow and waste some time because we were rather early.

The girls asked if they could go on the balcony to feel how cold it was, luckily we had taken our coats in just incase but we weren't wrapped up.

Looking very cold after 2 minutes 
We headed back to the car to have our picnic, it was soon time for us to go in and have our go.  We got told where to go and what to get, we got our extra thick socks on, jumpers, coats, hats, gloves and a helmet.

It was a 20 minute walk around to be shown what they did and what they were planning to do and how it all worked, did you know each night the drop the temperature to -6 and they spray waters out of the jets which turns to snow, a whooping 16 tons of snow. 

It was then our turn to do a bit of sledding on a small hill we got 4-5 goes on it, on the last go Kira managed to fall off, but hasn't stopped her wanting to go back and have proper goes on everything. I think Kira might be my extreme sports child. 

It was definitely worth it, it was free which is always a bonus we got to see what they did before paying money out.  You have to book a time and they only do it on Tuesdays. 

We have got lots of other exciting things planned for the Summer holidays like:- Lots of playdates with friends that we don't often see, lots of exciting days out, Daddy being off for the week, Summer's 4th birthday (scarey), Summer is starting her speech therapy and Kira starting extra lesson to help with her school work. 

What have you got planned for the Summer holidays?


  1. The sledging was good fun, wasn't it? It would be great to go back again another day - I'm really glad you enjoyed it! xx

  2. We love chill Factore :-) we are going to the snow park with Jess and her friend for sledging and ringos we can't wait. :-) it's great that you get to try it out for free. :-)

  3. We keep looking at Chill Factore and wondering whether the kids would like it, looks like you had an amazing time.

  4. Chill Factore looks great fun! I am sure all kids would have a real party there, although I'm not sure I'd want to voluntarily go somewhere chilly!


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