Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer's 4th Birthday and Martin Mere

Summer's 4th Birthday was on the 20th August, the time has flown so quickly, I still remember when she was born and her being my cuddly little baby girl, she still is up to a certain point.

Summer with her present
The Birthday Girl, very please with her present. 

Daddy and I had been wracking our brains on what to do on the day, the weather had been changing from rain to nice, but as we got closer it was dry so we decided to go to Martin Mere because Summer loves Ducks! We asked Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris if they would like to join us, we arranged a time and we decided to meet their rather than going in convoy.

Martin Mere Wetland centre
Whist waiting for Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris
Once everyone had arrived, we went inside and Nanna and I paid whilst they all went and looked out the window. While Nanna was get 5 bags of bird seeds me and Auntie Kris took the opportunity to  try and get a nice picture of the girls

The girls and Grandad photo bombing
Grandad photo bombed it. 
We got lunch first to save turning back on ourselves, but they were that slow, that the girls, Grandad and Auntie Kris had finished their lunch before ours turned up, so they all went for a walk leaving us to eat our lunch in peace and to carry everything as well!

When we caught up with them Grandad and Kacy, Kacy was sat on a bench and Grandad had hold of Kacy's shoe, while on the stepping stones she managed to dunk her feet into the water meaning that Kacy got a very wet foot. 

Girls on stepping stones
Kacy got her wet shoes back on and carried on 
Summer was quite happy to stay at this bit all day, feeding the few ducks that we found, but we soon convinced her to carry on. So with our bucket full of bird seed, we went on to find some more Ducks.

Ducks, girls feeding the ducks and wellies
I thought what they did with the Wellies was fantastic, I did ask Daddy if we could do that he said no 
We soon found where there were many different types of ducks, they got so close and they even feed out of mine and Auntie Kris hands; there was also an area for Den building, which Kira and Grandad absolutely loved, Grandad more than Kira. There was even a small wooden park with stepping stones, walking along string.

Den Building, feeding ducks and playing
The Den, Ducks and stepping stones. 

We could see people getting in and out of canoes, which I thought was brilliant. Nanna went to find out how much it would cost to have a go, the boat Safari was £6 a person which we thought was expensive, but the little cannons boats were £6 for an hour and we could have 2 adults and 2 children in one, Daddy and I decided to have Kira and Summer in our boat and Auntie Kris, Grandad and Kacy in another. 

We got ready and we were briefed where we could go and what to do if we tipped out of the boat. Daddy, Kira, Summer and I got in first, we bumped into a fair few of the bank sides, saying I didn't know what I was doing. Auntie Kris decided to take her phone with her so she could take photos, I didn't, I was worried that I would drop mine. 

Boat selfie and picture of the girls
The girls all ready.  Auntie kris doing a boat selfie. 

We went off on our own, it was too difficult to stay together, we didn't need to see them we could hear them. We saw one family having a picnic on the boat, really wished I had taken my phone to take photos it was beautiful around the lake so peaceful, we saw a duck asleep on the bank and a fair few in the water they came up to the boat expecting to be fed. Each time we saw the ducks,  the girls said hello and bye to the ducks. We saw Grandad, Kacy and Auntie Kris a couple of times as soon as we saw them we managed to lose each other again.  We finally caught up with them again they were waiting for us, Auntie Kris wanted to take a boat soon started to rain so it was time to head back, Grandad wanted to make it into a race, Grandad decided to turn their boat around while we went the way we were facing, we won, so drinks were on Grandad!  We thought we had been out for a good 45 minutes to an hour got back and we had only been out for 25 minutes.  The girls loved it so will be definitely doing something like this again. 

Boat selfie
You can just about see Summer over Daddy's right shoulder. 

We got of the cannons gave back out life jackets, got some drinks and headed of to find some more things to see.  Summer was getting tired by this point, and wanting cuddles. Grandad took the opportunity to have cuddles, which he doesn't often get from Summer. Whilst Auntie Kris took the opportunity to get a family photo 

Family photo
Summer or Kira not cooropting 
Summer soon got her second wind, when some Ducks came up wanting food, but they weren't as hungry as the girls thought and were wasting the duck food so they spent 5 minutes trying to pick as much of it as possible.

Girls picking up bird seeds
Pick bird seed up. 

Grandad soon started to act like a kid, as well and was keeping the girls entertained by playing hide and seek and all sorts of silly games, which at one point we walked around in a circle to try and catch Grandad and Kira out.

We soon found the maze which was fantastic, so much to see and do, like a massive nest with beautiful wooden carved eggs in them, ponds, beavers, beautiful wooden carved chairs, all sorts. 

Girls playing, family photos, maze
My favourite photos 
When we finally came out of the maze the girls and Auntie Kris had enough so we started to find our way back, but found a beautiful building made out of wood, which inside you could bird watch which the girls loved, the view was beautiful you could spend hours just sat watching the birds take off and land. 

Bird watching
Grandad came prepared with binoculars for the girls. 

As we walking out Auntie Kris wanted another family photo, while Daddy and Grandad decided to act like big kids. 

Family photo
I had no idea Daddy was doing that until after Kris took the photo. 

On the way back to the car, we found a fair few more of the bird watching things and the girls went in to them to see what they could see but spent seconds in each one, we soon found our way back and got to the park, it was time for ice cream and let the girls play on the park for 20 minutes or so before heading home.

When we got home I persuaded Summer to change her outfit to her new dress, she was then allowed to open her presents from Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris. Once that was done she got to see her birthday cake, you can tell from her face she loved it. 

The birthday girl with her birthday cake
The Birthday Girl. 

We had a fantastic day out and Summer had a fantastic birthday, have you done anything wonderful this Summer?

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Diary of the Wimpy Kid Old School By Kacy Aged 9

I love reading the diary of the wimpy kid. I have all the book so far, I can't wait for the new one to  comes out on the  3rd November 2015.

I think it's all fantastic and I love the characters. Greg is very good at coming up with ideas but is terrible at carrying them out they nearly always go wrong. I also like Rowley, he's really funny. He's also the one who usually get punished/hurt the most, Greg's parents don't normally find out.

When I got the chance to read an extract of the new Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Old School book I was really excited!

They were making lemonade, however the child across the street had a lot more customers. Especially since he had put up a sign saying " Help me buy medicine for my sick kitty".

The lemonade was really fun and easy to make. All we needed was 4-6 lemons, sugar, hot water and adult supervision- with having to use a sharp knife and boiling water.

Pouring the sugar into a jug

Cutting a Lemon after Mummy showed me how to use a knife. 

I wasn't strong enough to squeeze the juice out the lemon
 so Mummy had to do that 

Being careful stirring the sugar in the boiling hot water

Pouring the Lemon juice in to the sugar water

Our Lemonade ready for the fridge
I can't wait for the new book to come out, you can preorder your copy here RRP £6.49 which I am doing when my Mummy allows me to.

*we got given a 12 page extract for our own honest photos and opinions*  

The Fairy Garden Review

Kira loves Fairies, she will hunt for them hoping she can see them any opportunity she has, we have a fairy door on our stairs and she has named all the fairies she believes that are living their.

When we got the opportunity to review a Fairy Garden by Interplay I knew it would be the perfect creation for Mummy and Daughter time, with Summer in bed and Kacy watching TV, me and Kira got creating the garden.

The Fairy Garden came in an easy box to open with everything you need inside the box, the bowl was an oval shape, it came with glitter, little stones, a proper ornament fairy, flowers, seeds, a foam house and carpet, little pegs, string and Fairy dust. except the soil which is easy enough to get.

I got the soil which was in the garage and not that easy to get to, then we got the instructions which are clearly written and easy for a child to follow. 

It was time start first thing was to make the house, which was six sections and made out of foam so just pushed them all together like a puzzle, the floor was on its own, then you dug a little hole big enough for the oyster to fit in, then you added the colourful stones to make paving for the fairy to walk up and down, tied the string to the little sticks and pegged the blanket to it, you then put the Fairy on the paving or where you liked, you pushed the flowers and toadstools into place and added water to the oyster for the Fairy to drink, you scattered the grass seed over the soil and glitter and fairy dust to get the fairy to visit your garden.

The Oyster shell was a proper Oyster shell 

Kira loved making the Fairy Garden and talking about when the Fairy would arrive would it drink the water from the oyster or maybe have a bath.  At the end of the instructions it gave you other ideas to add to your garden like twigs or something from your house so Kira wanted to add her unicorn to it so the Fairy could have a ride and a friend. 

Without the Unicorn

Kira really proud of her Fairy Garden

A proper look at Kira's Fairy Garden Including her Unicorn

This took me and Kira about 20 minutes to create which is long enough, Kira enjoyed every minute of making this, within a couple of days the grass is now growing, Kira can't wait to have to mow the lawn with a pair of scissors.

The Fairy Garden is priced at £14.99 which I think it's a reasonable price and a perfect present for any little girls who loves Fairies. 

You can find My Fairy Garden at Interplay's Website 

*we were given this for our own photos and opinions*

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Knowsley Safari Park Review

On Sunday we were invited to Knowsley Safari Park. We all woke up and got dressed, packed the picnic, and then got really excited for the fun day ahead. It was the first time that the girls had been to Knowsley Safari Park and we had picked the perfect day to go, it was lovely weather outside.

We arrived just as it was opening at 10am. We picked up our tickets along with a go pro, we then pulled up to one side to set the go pro up.

All set up and ready to go. 

There was already a queue to get into the safari park, but didn't last long, we soon got in to see the first animals, with it being an absolutely beautiful day a lot of the animals were in the shade. 

As we were going around spotting the animals, Kacy was looking through the book we got making sure we were getting the names correct.

The main animals the girls wanted to see were the Lions and the Baboons. The girls got their wish, we drove into a cage to get into the lion pen. While we waiting for the gates to close behind us and open in front of us, we took selfies.

A family Selfie.

Love this one of the girls. 

As soon as we drove through there were 3 male lions in a separate pen, which we found out the reason why later on. The lionesses and lion were so close, they weren't bothered by us driving around them.

The male lions in the separate pen

Warming up in the morning sun

Never going to get closer to a lion as we did that day.

3 Lionesses Sleeping in the sun, 
we spent a while just watching the lions, they are such beautiful animals, but it was soon time to go the next animal which was the donkeys and Zebra where Kacy made the worst joke.

The Buffalo
They had 2 lots of white Rhinos, where 2 of them were pregnant.  Rhinos are pregnant for 16 months.


Rhinos, 2 of these Rhinos are pregnant 

Look a Zebra Crossing! By Kacy

The safari was a massive circuit it took us 45 minutes to an hour to go round, you could go round as many times as you like, we went past the animals we had seen at the beginning, but we hadn't missed the best part out, we were heading for the Baboon bus which is in the main carpark at the pink hut and runs at different times of the day.

We got on the Baboon Bus we were the last people to get on ops, meaning I was sat with the older two and Daddy was sat with Summer. The Baboon bus didn't just go round the Baboons it took you round the whole safari and they tell you information regarding the animals, like the 3 male lions being separated due to there age and they didn't want lots of fights, that's when we also found out about the Rhinos being pregnant.  We are very glad we had been around already with all the people on the bus you sometimes couldn't see the animals.

Then it was time to go into the Baboon area, the excitement from inside the bus was fantastic, as soon as we entered the Baboons were all over the bus, climbing up the rope that they had attached for them to get onto the roof throwing themselves off, you could see them ripping other peoples windscreen wipers off, and all sorts of other bits from the other peoples car. We must of spent a good 20 minutes in the Baboon area the atmosphere was fantastic.

We were on the Baboon bus for over an hour, but definitely worth going on and you can pre book the bus before hand, £5 per person under 3 free if sat on adults lap you can book them here.

We got off the bus and went to have lunch, we managed to find a picnic table right next to the toddler park, when the girls had finished their lunch they went and played, we then realised that the Sealion show started at 1pm and people were already queueing up so while the girls played and Daddy watched Summer I queued up, I was only queueing up for 5 minutes before they started letting people in, so got Kacy to go and get Daddy.

We had the perfect seats 3 rows up from the front meaning the girls could see everything. The show was long enough to learn a lot about the difference between sea lions and Seals and for them to show us some tricks, but short enough to keep the girls entertained and not bored. I took so many photos so I have picked my favourite ones

After the show we went to explore the rest of the park, we decided to go into the bat room, which wasn't massive but big enough to see the bats, I missed all the babies ones with carrying Summer around and not really liking Bats.

Then we had a wander round, we found the bird of prey and had a quick watch of the show, but the girls weren't really interested in that.  We found a lovely walk which we were going to do but the girls wanted to find the giraffes and go on the rides.

We started walking around to the Giraffes and Elephants and came across the meerkats, Tortoise, warthogs and other hoof animals.

They were so active it was lovely 

The two male giraffes have come from chester zoo and part of a bigger project that Knowsley are working on.

Best photo I could get. 
The Elephants were to far away for me to take pictures of them, but they had three Elephants they had just magnificent animals. 

Then it was time to go on some rides, prices for the rides were £2 per ride or £10 an all day ticket, Adults are free on selected rides if they are accompanying a child which I thought was really good.  a lot of the rides were over the 1.1 meter range meaning Summer couldn't go on many but that didn't stop her, We let the girls choose 2 rides to go on and ended up being handed 2 tickets from another family who weren't going to use them which was so kind of them.  Kacy didn't want to go on any.

We had a fantastic day out, we got to Knowsley at 10am and didn't leave till 3.30ish and the only reason we left was due to it getting cold and not having jackets with us.

The prices to get in to Knowsley Safari park are all on there website  and if you book online you can save 20%, Adults are £16.50 and children aged 3-15 are £12.50 under 3 are free.

All the girls would love to go again soon.

*we got given free entry for my own honest photos and opinion*