Sunday, 16 August 2015

Formby Beach

There was stressed Mummy's, shouting at phones, going the wrong way due to satnav on our phones, Kids wetting themselfs, kids trying new things and having a great time.

It was a beautiful, warm sunny day so perfect to go to the beach with A and her 3 boys.  The kids don't see each other much now due to having busy social lives and that's just the kids.  So with it being the Summer holidays we are getting them together as much as possible.

We decided to meet at 11 o'clock, even though I left my house later I ended up 4 cars behind A when our Satnavs was telling us to do a U turn, (should of gone the way I knew) so I thought well A is doing it ill follow, but I didn't get through the lights, I didn't see A do another U turn and she didn't know where I was,  then it was trying to take us down a road that is still being made so got told to do another U turn, then when I was trying to go back the way I had gone to go the way I knew a car jumped a red light to put me on tenterhooks and putting me in the wrong lane.  I could go on.

We finally got there, there was a massive queue to get into Formby Beach so we were thinking there was going to no parking spaces, but it wasn't as busy as we thought, A parked up first saying she was 5 cars up from me, both wishing we had alcoholic drinks with us, we all got out the car and started heading over the big sand dune and walked up the sand to find the perfect spot to sit while the kids played.

Waiting in the queue to get into Formby Beach
 Soon all the kids were playing, A had the perfect idea and brought the boys trunk, I forgot, so told the girls to and play in the water anyway and they would dry off.

They soon were in and out of the water, climbing up the sand dunes, building sand castles, digging holes and just having lots of fun. Summer stayed next to me and A for a while happily playing in the sand.

The only down fall to Formby beach is there is no toilets so Summer wet herself ops having no change of clothes with me she just had to sit in it.

 The perfect opportunity came up for her to get wet and half clean in a way when the 3rd time she had asked Kacy to go and get her a bucket of water I told her to go herself, she was very wary so I went with her, we found a puddle to start with then headed to the sea, I had to catch her up, as soon as she realised it was lots of fun she didn't want to come out, on the way back with her bucket she found Kira and S ended up going back with them. (Proud Mummy moment). She went far enough in to that the waves got her waist
Playing on Sand Dunes, digging holes and in the sea. 

It was soon time to pack up and head home, Kacy asked if the boys could come and play which they did for an hour, we have made plans for all of us to meet up again before they go back to school.

We had so much fun and will be going back again extremely soon, hopefully this week while Daddy is off and spend the day at Formby Beach. 

Have you done anything exciting over the Summer Holidays?

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  1. We went to a blogger event the other week and the kids really wanted to go in the sea after so we did that typically British thing of playing in their pants! Hehe!

  2. Sounds like you had an eventful but fun time and your pictures look great! x

  3. Cute photos of your kids. Formby Beack looks nice although I don't like the idea of no having toilets around! It looks like you had a great fun and a lovely day out! x

  4. Formby beach is so busy in the weekends, we (hubby and I) had to park quite far and walk to the beach. It's a lovely place and it must be fun for the kids.

  5. Every sympathy with the journey down, our local beaches are hard to get to in August too, it is real full on tourist season. Looks worth the effort though for the fun the children all had together, I hope you manage some more beach days. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.


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