Tuesday, 11 August 2015

NameTag4U Review

It's that time of year again for every parent, if you have children that are starting Nursery, Preschool or School. You're buying new school clothes, shoes, bags, lunch box and water/juice bottles and they need to have everything labeled to make sure they don't lose any of it, or if they do you can get it back.

In September Summer begins school, and she will be one of the youngest in her year, as it is her fourth birthday is in a couple of weeks. With Summer being my last baby to go to school and having no other babies at home, it is harder to get everything ready for her.

I am trying to be organised rather than leaving it until the last minute to buy everything and label it, especially with having to do three lots of everything. I like getting the girls involved when getting labels, so I got the girls to pick the colour and character they wanted.  The customer service was fantastic, the colours the girls had picked with the background the writing wouldn't show up. They messaged me to tell me this and would It be OK to change the colour of the writing for it to show up properly, which of course I said yes to.

They arrived really quickly through the post,  these weren't just any labels these were the new SupaTabs new to nametags4U and you can use them on every type of clothing, you just have to wash the clothes before hand, you can also use them on bags and even water bottles.

Bright and Colourful Labels

Instead of bombarding you with pictures of everything I labeled, I have picked a few different ones to show you, most of the clothes I have put the stickers on the clothes label, others I chose to label at the top of the t shirt to make it easy for Summer to find, especially during P.E

3 different bags, a t shirt, a pair of P.E trousers and a water bottle 

Before putting it on Summer's water bottle, I put one on each of the girls juice bottles for when they had sports day at the end of July, they have been washed, used, thrown around, shoved in bags and rewashed and the labels still look perfect from the minute I have put them on.

Would I recommend Nametags4U? Yes and when I need some more I'll be reordering from them again. 

For 52 Supatabs its £10 which will do the children's schools items and lots more.

*I was given this supatabs for my own photos and honest opinion*

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  1. What good customer service letting you know about the print not showing clearly, many a company would not have bothered. I've a thing about good customer service at the moment - well done Nametags4U!

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  2. Love this idea! My daughter has just started nursery so I've had to label every thing. I used a market which looks really ugly, these would have been perfect! #ukbloggers

  3. I love these as they remind me of my school days! Except my tags used to irritate my neck so these look great. I'll be letting my aunty know for future buys! Xx

  4. Wow these take me back! Great service as well if I ever have kids I know where to go!


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