Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Nathalia Buttface Review By Kacy Aged 9

Nathalia Buttface was so funny and great to read. I enjoyed it and didn't do anything else until I had finished it. Nathalia's Dad and her Mum's little red car was the funnest parts of the book.

It was full of loads fun things, from a girl who doesn't even know she's famous, to wacky wet hairdo's. All this was because of one little pets home and a friend that Nathalia wanted to strangle most of the time. I wondered why anyone would do all that and so did the famous 'Can't you be normal?' girl herself. She kept at it though for a few ugly pets and Darius.

Sat there reading it, I was laughing all the time. Simba lion/cats running wild, a little trouble with bath's, the whole bundle all in the one hilarious book!

Nathalia also has trouble with a certain friend know as Penny. Things don't look to good. But the  funniest part for me was at the beginning when she didn't have a clue that she was famous, or about the video on her most embarrassing 5 minutes (of fame). I wonder what your favourite part will be, Maybe her last name that I'm not going to tell you, however the title gives you a clue.

WARNING: Watch out for Nathalia's fierce temper- mostly on her Dad and Darius or Elvis Greed Bugatti?

So don't wait to read it!  

Nathalia Buttface is the perfect Series for girls aged 8+ you can buy this book from Amazon  RRP £5.99

*The was given to me for my honest review and photos*

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  1. My girl has read this book too and laughed all the way through it....

  2. Great review... I love reading what children think of books aim at them! #triedtested

  3. Great review... I love reading what children think of books aim at them! #triedtested

  4. Sounds like a fun book.
    Lots of people seem to be giving it the thumbs up :)


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