Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunglasses Review

I hate trying to find Sunglasses, it always seems to take me forever to choose and then they end up breaking on me, so the start for the search begins soon after.

When I got the opportunity to review a pair of sunglasses, I jumped at the chance, I got to pick the pair I wanted from their website.  The website was really easy to use and they had lots of choice, the pair I picked was one of the first pairs I saw on their website.

They have different types and styles, including Prescription Sunglasses with thin lenses. Which is fantastic.  They have different priced ones as well from cheap glasses to more expensive ones depending on what you are looking for.

The pair I picked arrived quickly, they even came with a hard case to keep my new pair of Sunglasses in.

My Purple Sunglasses

It was nice the day I received the sunglasses, which from Britain was good and so I managed to use them straight away, They had a fantastic tint on them, that meant when I was driving, I didn't need my sun visor down, which I  had needed down when I had my previous glasses.  The only downside is they don't fit on my head when I'm out, but other then that I love them. 

SunGlasses have given my readers a chance to get 50% off there first pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses by using the code GSHOT50

*I was given a free pair for my own photos and opinion*


  1. Lovely! I've tried so many times to wear sun glasses especially for driving when it's too bright and sunny but I just can't get away with them, I feel so uncomfortable wearing them and hate the difference when I take them off, It's like staring at the sun! But you suit them.

    1. these ones were fantastic for driving, they do so many styles as well x

  2. These are lovely, very Jackie Onassis glam and they really suit you. Good choice.


  3. They really suit you. :-) I'm seriously thinking of ordering a new pair with thinner lenses. :-)

    1. thanks hun, I would, you will get lots of wear out of them too. x


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