Friday, 25 September 2015


As everyone knows from watching the news, reading the paper or even from posts on twitter or facebook. The challenges that farmers have had recently and are still going through now, due to the low price paid for milk price and them not making enough income to be able to keep their farms. 

You see, it isn't just about the milk on your cereal or the butter on your toast, it's the familiar sight of cow-spotted fields, a music festival held on a farm, a spot of countryside camping or even a country stroll. All of these things are made possible by Britain's dairy farmers because they're working in ways that help preserve the environment 

Our dairy farmers trim the hedgerows you may stroll past, they plant trees, wooded areas and establish ponds so local wildlife can flourish and live together, and we can continue to enjoy the countryside.

They're always looking for ways to cut their greenhouse gas emissions too. In fact today, greenhouse gas emissions from UK dairy farms count for just 2% of the UK's total emissions – versus 25% from UK transport.

You see, farmers aren't just food producers – they're custodians of the countryside. They're working in harmony with the environment to keep Britain beautiful and farming forever.

All you need to do to help them achieve their vision to protect our beautiful countryside and keep dairy farming, is by taking the #DairyPromise here and to look out for the quality logo, such as the Red Tractor, on all your dairy products for a sign of food you can trust. 

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Twits Review and #RoaldDahlDay

We got the opportunity to get involved in the Roald Dahl Day, which is on Sunday 13th September. We did this by accepting the Roald Dahl Day Crafty Twits challenge, Kacy has read this book but Kira or Summer haven't, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get them loving Roald Dahl books too!

You too can get involved in #Roalddahlday by creating the most imaginable beard you can think of you can read re-visit the Dirty Beards chapter for ideas and share it on Sunday @Roald_Dahl and use the hashtag #RoaldDahlDay

There is also an App you can get called  Twit or Miss, Kacy and I had great fun with the app, I would highly recommend it. I won with the highest score between us.

highest and lowest score
Left is my score Kacy is the right score. 

As you all know if you are a reader of my blog, Kacy loves reading and loves writing book reviews so I asked Kacy to write the book review:-

The Twits is a really funny book and is one of those books you can never get tired of. Mr Twit is a very smelly, very old man with bits of food, like cornflakes, sardine and stilton cheese in his revolting beard. Mrs Twit is probably the ugliest  women ever! She is a horrible old hag with a glass eye.

These two twits are forever playing hilarious tricks on each other. Frogs in beds and glass eyes in beer mugs, everything and anything can happen. They are awfully mean to Muggle-Wump and his family who are caged up in the garden. These adorable monkeys are very kind creatures who try to warn all the birds who speak another language, about The Twits plans for bird pie night.

Monkeys and birds won't stand for this plotting Muggle-Wump finally thinks of revenge after being stood on his head for years. You can't stop laughing when this event occurs. The Twits is recommended for ages 7+.

They have brought out two new books for the celebrations, the scatch 'n' sniff book with stickers that smell, I scratched one half an hour ago and can still smell it now! the other Twits book is the hairy Beards which is a hard back book with a Mr Twit on the cover with a hairy beard.

the twits book hairy beards
The Twits, hairy beards book 

The Twits, Scratch and Sniff book
We did do the creative imaginable beards with some knitted squares I did ages ago, with the scratch and sniff stickers.

Kacy and her beard
Kacy with her disgusting beard 

Kiras beard
Kira with her disgusting beard 

Are you going to be joining in tomorrow?

*we got given the twits books for our own photos and opinions* 

Summer starting school

Summer started at school on Thursday 3rd September. The girls school do it slightly different to other schools. So no going in for 2 hours for 1 week and then staying 3 hours and having lunch the second week, they go in on the day they say and start full days from then, the way they did the intake was when they went in for their tester day the less confident, shy, needing extra help started the thursday and the other children started the Friday.

With Summer only turning 4 on the 20th August, Summer is one of the youngest in her class. I was worried like any other parent with their child starting school, but more than normal especially considering Summer's limited speech.  Summer was very eager to start school especially with having a pack lunch like her sisters.

my girls
All the girls ready for the new term back

Summer ready for her first day in reception

Summer has been in school for over a week now and she is loving it, she is coming home saying new words, wanting to go back the next day, yogurt on her cardigan with yogurt explosions and missing her mouth, with pictures she has made for everyone over the week. She has got home work this week, to practice writing her name before starting school. She was never interested in writing her name every time we tried, she also has phonics work, which she isn't impressed with because its not a story she has to make noises and tell me what is happening in each picture, she will get used to it.

Summer writing her name on her own on the second day. 
I am so proud of Summer going into school and settling in really well, going straight in and knowing what she needs to do and where. Kacy has gone in to year 5 and Kira year 3 and they have settled in extremely well I am so proud of all three of my girls.


Monday, 7 September 2015

Danger is still Everywhere book review

When Mummy showed me the new book, I wasn't to sure about it. Having never heard of  Doctor Noel Zone. Although, it was hilarious, it only took me about 2 hours to read. I didn't put it down till I had finished.

Danger is Everywhere
Danger is Everywhere 

Doctor Noel Zone had some funny words like thwoaksplat. There is even a page nine scorpion, so he hid page nine further in the book. Apparently a stone is the best pet and there is a whole page dedicated to why a stone is the best pet. Doctor Noel Zone also has a bath as a bed, complete with reasons for that. His sister, who is the complete opposite of him, has left him with a dog called Napkin, which is why he writes this book in the wardrobe.

In this book you start of as POD (pupil of dangerology) and end as a FOD ( full on dangerologist). You must check it is not a pop-up book. Noel is the highest FOD in all of dangerology. When his nieces come round and watch a television program starring Max the Wurst. Who is the host of a pet show, Doctor Zone goes out to train his stone. Coming home with his nieces and an act with Napkin and Doctor Noel Zone's pet stone. Only for it to fail but they find out Max the Wurst is a fake.

It is one of my favourite books now, so get your level 2 FOD's certificate at the end of this book now!

You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £3.85 I will be looking for more books from this author.

**we were given this book for our own honest view and photos** 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The School For Good and Evil review by Kacy aged 9

The School for Good and Evil is part of a trilogy by Soman  Chainani. It is the first book in the series, the second book is called The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes and the third one is called The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After.

Kacy with all three books
Me with all three books 

In the first book Agatha and Sophie first meet as Sophie's good deed. Then the day came. Every four years two children are taken from Gavaldon, to transform into fairy tale characters. The kidnapper has been named the School Master. The two girls end up with a happily ever after in the end. Although, nothing lasts forever.

In the second book Evelyn Sader has taken over (Professor Sader's sister) The School for Good and Evil has a new name. The School for Good and Evil is now The School for Girls and Boys. A magic spell breaks up a prince and a princess. Trouble is in the air when Sophie or Agatha make a wish that reopens the gates. It all ends with a proposal and a Queen, for which side?

The third book was my favourite but when it arrived I had to read the second one first because it doesn't make sense otherwise. The Last Ever After the School Masters back with a thousand more people. Tedros has his Mother, The Lady of the Lake and a mystical wizard on his side. All from his father's (King Arthur's) story. The school is The School for Old and New now. The Final ending- who will win? Will Good or Evil? Can they both?

This is on sale now, you can buy this book from Amazon RRP £5.00       

**we got given this book for my own honest review and photos**