Friday, 25 September 2015


As everyone knows from watching the news, reading the paper or even from posts on twitter or facebook. The challenges that farmers have had recently and are still going through now, due to the low price paid for milk price and them not making enough income to be able to keep their farms. 

You see, it isn't just about the milk on your cereal or the butter on your toast, it's the familiar sight of cow-spotted fields, a music festival held on a farm, a spot of countryside camping or even a country stroll. All of these things are made possible by Britain's dairy farmers because they're working in ways that help preserve the environment 

Our dairy farmers trim the hedgerows you may stroll past, they plant trees, wooded areas and establish ponds so local wildlife can flourish and live together, and we can continue to enjoy the countryside.

They're always looking for ways to cut their greenhouse gas emissions too. In fact today, greenhouse gas emissions from UK dairy farms count for just 2% of the UK's total emissions – versus 25% from UK transport.

You see, farmers aren't just food producers – they're custodians of the countryside. They're working in harmony with the environment to keep Britain beautiful and farming forever.

All you need to do to help them achieve their vision to protect our beautiful countryside and keep dairy farming, is by taking the #DairyPromise here and to look out for the quality logo, such as the Red Tractor, on all your dairy products for a sign of food you can trust. 

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