Saturday, 12 September 2015

Summer starting school

Summer started at school on Thursday 3rd September. The girls school do it slightly different to other schools. So no going in for 2 hours for 1 week and then staying 3 hours and having lunch the second week, they go in on the day they say and start full days from then, the way they did the intake was when they went in for their tester day the less confident, shy, needing extra help started the thursday and the other children started the Friday.

With Summer only turning 4 on the 20th August, Summer is one of the youngest in her class. I was worried like any other parent with their child starting school, but more than normal especially considering Summer's limited speech.  Summer was very eager to start school especially with having a pack lunch like her sisters.

my girls
All the girls ready for the new term back

Summer ready for her first day in reception

Summer has been in school for over a week now and she is loving it, she is coming home saying new words, wanting to go back the next day, yogurt on her cardigan with yogurt explosions and missing her mouth, with pictures she has made for everyone over the week. She has got home work this week, to practice writing her name before starting school. She was never interested in writing her name every time we tried, she also has phonics work, which she isn't impressed with because its not a story she has to make noises and tell me what is happening in each picture, she will get used to it.

Summer writing her name on her own on the second day. 
I am so proud of Summer going into school and settling in really well, going straight in and knowing what she needs to do and where. Kacy has gone in to year 5 and Kira year 3 and they have settled in extremely well I am so proud of all three of my girls.


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  1. I'm so glad she wanted to go to school and is enjoying it. Little E is a summer baby so her starting age concerns me. I'm so glad it has gone so well for Summer.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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