Friday, 9 October 2015

A small update on Summer

Summer has been at school for just over a month now, and the difference Daddy and I have seen in her is amazing. So I thought I would give you a small update on her.

During the Summer holidays, Summer started her speech therapy and at each visit it took us a good 10-15 minutes to get Summer to talk to the speech therapist, as she was having none of it, but we could see the improvement each week that she went, and doing the games at home helped her as well. I was worried when she first started school that she wasn't going to talk to the teachers, like Summer did with those at preschool for months or anyone else for that matter. The totally opposite has happened, she has come out of her shell so much, even her teachers already noticed the difference from when they met her at preschool.

The first day she came home she told me her teacher's name, which I was so shocked at. Her confidence has grown massively just in the short few weeks that she has been at school, she is trying extremely hard with her phonics, writing and reading. Even though she doesn't like the books much but with a little chat with her teacher, we are on some different books were we have to talk about it instead of making noises to certain pictures, she is also getting to know her school friends and making new friends.

Summer writing
Summer writing her name 

When Summer started school, she didn't want school dinners or hot dinners like she says, she wanted a packed lunch. Well last week Kacy was talking about school dinners and wanted to have them due to it being a themed lunch, and all of a sudden Summer wanted school dinners and has had it every day since.

Yesterday was a massive day for Summer, when she came out of school the teacher came out and told me that Summer had got star of the day, which I am so proud of her for. She got star of the day because she worked really hard with guided reading, tried really hard with her phonics and even answered questions in groups, every time the teacher looked at Summer, she was sat on the floor she was sitting beautifully.

I am so proud of the way Summer has settled in.



  1. That's a fantastic improvement, you must be so pleased at how she is developing - and well done to you too for working so hard with her! xx

  2. That's fantastic to read huni. Brought a lump to my throat xx

  3. Well done Summer, she's doing fantastically well and congrats on "Star of the Day".
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements :)

  4. This is fantastic news and what an improvement. It must be amazing seeing her confidence grow. Congratulations on star of the day too x


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