Sunday, 25 October 2015

Aliens Love Dinopants

Summer loves her books and receiving a new one is the highlight of her day, so when we got the opportunity to read Aliens Love Dinopants it was a definite yes, she couldn't wait to read it and carried it around with her for days after. 

Summer holding her new book
Summer really excited to have her new book read to her. 
It is about some little Aliens that love underpants, but they find themselves crashing into the jungle and stumble across some underpants. They are so excited and noticed they were all different sizes, some of them the biggest they have seen, they soon discover they are not alone in the jungle there were some dinosaurs and they love underpants too, they argued about whose underpants they were.  They soon realised they could share the underpants and became good friends. 

Summer reading Aliens love Dinopants
Summer loving the story 
Its such a lovely and exciting book to read, it all rhymes which makes it so fun to read to your little one. It is bright, colorful and the pictures pop out of the page. The book flips from portrait to landscape so you never know which way you could be reading keeping it extra interesting to the little ones 

Aliens love Dinopants
The  Landscape pictures 
This was such a big hit with Summer she even took it to school and all her friends and teachers loved it. 

Summer with Aliens love dinopants
Summer reading her book the next day 

Do you have big fan of dinosaurs in your house or even big fans of reading? I would highly recommend this book you can buy it here  or for more information or to download some games and more visit Aliens Love Underpants website

**We got given this for my own photos and review**

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  1. This sounds like such a fun book and an ideal present for my nephew for Christmas. I'm definitely putting it on my list :)


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