Thursday, 17 December 2015

#12daysofparenting Christmas crafts

Hi and thank you for popping over from Spice Life Laugh to see what Crafts  we have been up to on the firth day of #12daysofparenting there is lots of prizes to be won and you can find all the details over at #12daysofparenting all entries can be completed by the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page.  Today we are being sponsored by the lovely Sand Art Pictures

Me and Daddy are not crafty people in the slightest so we usually go places where they have the ideas already for us and the mess to, I'm not the tidiest of people but I can't cope with the mess of doing crafty things but we do try for the girls. 

With Kacy knowing the truth, I am trying to keep the magic alive so when I said yes to doing a some posts for the #12daysofparenting I thought it would give me chance to get my thinking cap on and do different things this year with Freddie our Elf and hopefully keep the magic alive. 

The first crafty thing that Freddie and his new recruits Bob, Bud and Ben brought  was the ingredients and what to do for salt dough.  As a family we have never done this before usually we go to a shop we pick out what we want to paint as well as the girls and paint but we gave it ago, these still aren't finished with the busy social life of a 10 year old it was hard enough to try and fit this in to her scheduled to do, we are hoping to have these painted this weekend. 

Elf's ready for Salt dough making
Elves having everything ready for us

Salt dough in the making
Some of our pictures from us making the Salt Dough

The second crafty thing the Elves brought us was some snowman, they had decorated one each to show the girls what to do and then they could either copy or design there own. (meaning me and Daddy sat there colouring in 4 snowman the night before) 

colouring in snowman
Colouring in Snowman

Are you crafty? if so what have you done over the festive period, I would love some inspiration to carry trying to do crafty things with the girls over the year. 

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The codeword for today is God Jul

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