Wednesday, 16 December 2015

#12daysofparenting Our Christmas Traditions

Hello and thanks for coming over from The weaving Idea  to see what Christmas traditions we have on the forth day of #12daysofparenting there is lots of prizes to be won and you can find all the details over at #12daysofparenting all entries can be completed by the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. Today we are being sponsored by the lovely Bambi and me who have lovely sleeping bags 0-6 and 0-18 months to give away.

Christmas Traditions have slightly changed over the years with the girls getting older but there is one we have always done since Daddy and I have been together and that is a Christmas decoration with the year on it, but for what ever reason we are missing one from 2007, which we are both gutted about. Our Christmas this year, is one we have made which you can read about tomorrow.

The rest of our Christmas Traditions is Elf on the Shelf which if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would of seen the antics they have been up to over the last 16 days with a couple of times me and Daddy forgetting and jumping out of bed to move them, not what I had planned ops.

This is Freddie we have had him since 2010. The girls, particularly Kira, love him and can't wait to see what he gets up to the next day. This year we have got three new recruits to help Freddie out, Bob, Bud and Ben.

Freddie the Elf

The last two years, we have had a North Pole Breakfast which the girls have loved. This is where they get to eat cakes and sweets for breakfast, which if you can't do that at Christmas when can you?!

We also have a Christmas Eve bags, which I can't remember when we started that, but the girls have always had new PJ's or bedding. Now it is in a bag so every year its slightly different but the Pj's are always in the bags, you can't go wrong with pj's.

Kacy's Christmas stash

Kira's Christmas Eve Stash

Summer's Christmas Eve Stash
Our final Christmas tradition, which again I can't remember when we started but we only ever get them on Christmas morning and usually all gone by 28th maybe the 27th depending on how full they make their bowls and that is a cereal called Lucky Charms!

Lucky Charms

What are your Christmas Traditions?

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