Sunday, 13 December 2015

Norman The Slug Who Saved Christmas

I haven't been around much lately on the blog side with losing my mojo for writing, I am getting it back with the first of many Christmas blogs and the first one is a book review on a little Slug who saves Christmas, this book is perfect if your looking for a new book to read over the Christmas period or that little something extra to give to your child. 

The girls and I love Christmas, I try and keep the magic going until the last minute. So when we got offered the chance to do a book review on a new book by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, I said yes. I knew Summer would love it, we have a two of their books already which we read regularly. We have Keith the car with the magic hat and Norman the slug with the silly shell. 

Summer and a book
This was the 6th picture I took of her 
Summer was so excited to read the book, that she couldn't wait for me to read it to her that she read it in her own way to her teddies.

Norman the Slug who saved Christmas, is all about when Norman is getting ready to go to bed and a sack of presents lands right by Norman's stocking, he is overcome with excitement.  He really must of been a very good slug this year.  But after a frenzy of unwrapping he spots a label - and realises that none of the presents were meant for him, but had in fact fallen off Father Christmas's sleigh.  Norman knows he has to get the presents to the family they're mean't for - but how can he manage it in time? Can one little slug save Christmas? 

If you are looking for a new Christmas book this year I would definitely recommend getting this story children and adults will love it, its got bold and festive theme artwork throughout the story.

Norman the slug who saved Christmas is from 3+ Summer who is 4 absolutely loves this book it's short enough to read before bed but also to give you the festive feeling. 

You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £3.49 

**I was given this book to review for my own photos and thoughts** 

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