Wednesday, 27 January 2016

HBPets and Spirit

6 weeks ago - which seems a life time ago now; Spirit and I got invited to a pet event.  I was so excited and nervous at the chance, as this was the first pet event we have been to. We weren't sure what to expect. One thing I did learn straight off the mark is before going to any pet blogging event I must let Spirit run off some steam first.

I got poo bags, cheese and other treats, I didn't know what was going to be there or what we would be doing; all I was told was that it was going to be a fun day.  I left in plenty of time - so I wouldn't be late as I really can't stand being late to anything, I drove to Manchester hoping I didn't get lost.  When we arrived I thought "is this the right place?" we were down a really narrow street, at the end of it there was a church but I couldn't get round the corner due to cars being parked either side of it.  There was a builder's yard and some other buildings but I double checked the address and I was in the right place.  I parked on the narrow street and walked around trying to find the door, finally I found the right door with a help of a bloke walking past who had seen some other dogs going into the building.

Inside there were already bloggers and their dogs, treats, toys, with some being filmed and having photos taken.  We soon got told that we were we making far too much noise and told to go into the side room as filming had already started.

We went into the side room and chatted and got to know the other bloggers, their dogs.  The two lovely ladies who had arranged the day told us what we would be doing during the day. There was a bowl of Holland and Barrett food on the floor which I had to move due to Spirit digging into it.

Soon it was time for us to go out and play with the dogs in front of the cameras and treats to be giving out, it was fun to see all the dogs playing and having a fantastic time.  It was soon time to split the dogs up so that the small dogs were on their own and Spirit with two other dogs who I think were collies.   I did get asked at one point by the camera man if Spirit ever kept still because they hadn't had a still shot of her yet.

Dogs playing and getting alot of treats

Then it was time for us all to have our separate interviews and while they were being done we were moved to the side rooms.  There were lots of little puddles showing up so after a short time I said I was going to find a patch of grass for Spirit and another blogger and her collie came with me and we got chatting.  It was lovely to get to know her a bit more, we had gone round the block and found a patch of grass for Spirit to go the toilet, as soon as she had finished we headed back in.

Hoping that they will get some of the sandwich 

It was only a short time before it was our turn, by this point Spirit had worn herself out and had eaten a years worth of treats in the space of a couple of hours, so when they asked us to play she wasn't having any of it. Then it was time for our interview which gave me a sick feeling in my stomach to think this was going on social media its a bit different to just a picture, while the interview was being done Spirit was chilled and just waiting patiently for us.

After the interview was finished we were given a goodie bag, my word it was full!  We got a small bag of vegetarian dog food, a bag of treats and lots of other items. You can see the full pet range that Holland and Barrett sell here

I hope you like our interview


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