Thursday, 11 February 2016

Snapfish and Valentines Day Review

Daddy and I are not soppy people, we don't really go out together much and don't have or take pictures of us together it's usually Daddy with the girls or just the girls and me behind the camera/phone. When Snapfish asked me to do a Valentine's review I said yes, I love taking photos of other people and love having them up and around the house in many different ways. 

Snapfish do a fantastic selection of items for Valentine's Day from Canvas, little teddy bears with t-shirts that you can put a photo on, you can put a pictures onto phone covers to even something little like a key ring.  These are available all year round so you can get these for any special occasion or even just to spoil yourself.

The Snapfish website is easy to get around, find what you are looking for and upload your pictures to your albums (even half way through your project), it auto saves as well so no matter what, you will be able to find your project. 

I spent ages looking at the Valentine's section and thinking "what do I get?"  I could spend 100's on this website alone.

A Valentine's card - as soppy as I get 

A key ring, Daddy picked the photo

A canvas for the photo wall with one of my favorite photos 
You can find Snapfish full website here

Hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's day.

*I got given £25 for my honest views and opinions* 

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