Thursday, 31 March 2016

Selfies Ravensburger puzzle Review

After doing the last Puzzle, we were asked to try another one which we said yes too, when the puzzle arrived Kira was so excited and couldn't wait to start putting the puzzle together, we got a evening where it was just me and Kira.

Kira and I aren't very good at puzzles,  but we have fun and try our hardest, the last puzzle we did we ended up getting Daddy to help us which you can read here and it took us 3 hours.  This Ravensburger Puzzle is from 6+ and 100 pieces so hopefully wouldn't take us as long or need Daddy's help.

Kira matching the pieces together

We got all the edges and corners together and figured out where they went.  Kira soon started saying she couldn't do it, so I got her to start making the pig.  It didn't take her long before she could see it coming together, she was loving it and couldn't wait for it to be finished so she could see what it looked like.  After 20/30 minutes we had finished the puzzle, Kira was so proud seeing the puzzle finished.

Kira with her finished puzzle

Kira loves the faces all the animals are making, I love all the details that goes into the Ravensburger puzzles they make them look so life like.

Do you like doing puzzles?

*we were given this product for free for my own honest opinion and photos*

Shaker Maker Review

Daddy and I are not crafty in the slightest, even when we try it fails, we tend to use ready made craft items with instructions on how to do it, When the opportunity came up to review Shaker Maker I knew the girls would love it.

You got everything you need to do start making your sculptures, the contents in the box is 1 shaker maker orb, 1 shaker maker lid, 2 character moulds, 2 display stands, 1 paint brush, 1 set of paints, 2 shaker maker powders and instructions.

I did the first mould with Summer just before her bedtime, she picked Anna, I read the instructions about 4 times over to make sure we didn't do it wrong, I told Summer step by step what she needed to do and with a little help from myself she did it all. She had a fantastic time making the mould and it took all of 5 minutes; so quick and easy, so it's not too long for them to get bored.  Then we waited over night for it to dry.

Summer Making her Anna Sculpture 
It was Kira's turn next and we did it first thing in the morning before we went out for the day. With Kira being 7 I sat with her and told her step by step what to do and she did it all on her own, again she loved doing it and couldn't wait to see what it turned out like and couldn't wait to be able to paint it. 

Kira making her Elsa sculpture 
I did painting one at a time so I they had my full attention while they did it.  Well, that was the idea!  Kira told me she didn't need me to watch over her.  The attention to details on the sculputres were fantastic but slightly fiddly for little hands, they both gave it a good go though. 

Kira and Summer painting their sculptures 
The girls have loved making these and they are easy to make with minimal mess, they have already asked if they can make another one, which I wasn't sure about if they did refills and they do which is fantastic.

Kira is on the left and Summer's is on the right 

The two different Shaker Makers, a frozen which the girls have done and a Shopkins one, they are for 5+ and RRP £9.99

You can find more about Shaker Makers and other products they do on their website

*the product was gifted to us for our views and photos*

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Woodland Fairy Door Review

Kira Loves her Fairies, actually anything that is mythical, When we got the opportunity to review a Fairy door, my first thoughts were Kira would love this!

The Woodland Fairy door is by Interplay and is a beautiful little set and easy to set up, It comes with everything you need to start you off on your Fairy adventure. You get the Autumn Fairy called Heather with her woodland friend the squirrel.

Woodland Fairy Door

It comes with ground pegs, so if you decide to put it in your garden. if no, fixing tabs to stick to a wall,  I love the fact the Fairy comes on a little stand making it easy for a child to play with and no frustration of trying to get the fairy to stand up .

The set up
All the little details on the door and the Fairy gives it that special touch and more lifelike.  We decided to put our Fairy door in our playhouse, to keep the fairy safe and dry, we are going to make it an extra special area in our playhouse for Kira to go and sit and use her imagination and keep the magic alive.

Heather and the squirrel fit nicely inside the Fairy door
The Woodland Fairy door is £9.99 and suitable for 4+ this would make a really nice present for any child.

If you would like to know some more information about the My Fairy Garden Range from Interplay UK, feel free to watch this advert

*we were given the fairy door for my own opinion and photos*

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Shadow Keeper Review By Kacy aged 10

I hadn’t heard of Abi Elphinstone before so I was curious to see what it was like. I loved it, it was one of the best books I have ever read. I wouldn’t usually chose this sort of book from chose but I couldn’t put it down. The book was always creating suspense, every minute of the story it was I was always so curious to read on because there was always something else about to happen.

 Molly Pecksniff (Moll) and her friends are living as outlaws in a secret by the sea in a place called ‘Little Hollows’.  Moll and her friends are desperately trying to bring back the dark magic and stay hidden from the Shadowmasks. They find out lots of interesting secrets and truths but the question is will they find the Amulet of Truth and defeat the Shadowmasks. 

You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £5.99 

*we got this book for free to review with our own words and photos*

Monday, 7 March 2016

Ravensburger Puzzle Review

When I was asked if I would like to do a Ravensburger puzzle review I immediately thought of Kacy, just before Christmas she kept mentioning she loved doing puzzles and would love some for Christmas.  When it arrived it was even better, it had one her favourite animals on it -  horses but being a typical 10 year old she had changed her mind and now she doesn't like puzzles.  I even suggested she could do with me just one on one time, but everything I suggested she said no to.  Well Kira jumped at the chance and said she would love to do the puzzle with me. 

Kira getting ready to make the puzzle 

This puzzle is a 9+ and 300 pieces so I already knew Kira would need a lot of help doing this puzzle, we started by sorting all the corners out and getting edging together, we hadn't got that much done before it was time for Kira to go to bed so I continued to do the puzzle. 

Kira doing the puzzle

This puzzle was a lot harder even for me, due to all the colours being similar so got Daddy to help me, he was very smug and said "this is easy, we will get this done in no time", at one point Kacy and her friend came down and help us for a little while. 

I forgot how therapeutic puzzles can be and keeps your mind active, Daddy and I thought it hadn't taken that long to finish the puzzle, then we saw the time and it was gone 10 at night.  

The puzzle all finished

The puzzle has got loads of details in it, from the colour of the horse's reins to the colour of the flowers on the ground, I would definitely recommend Ravensburger puzzle.

Are you any good at puzzles?

*we were given this puzzle for own opinions and photos*

Our Day out at Brockholes

It was a beautiful day but cold, the girls had park run first thing in the morning and Summer decided she wanted to do it this week.  Every week she said she would do it but never did it when it came to it.  She ran the whole way round with a great big grin on her face.  However trying to get all 4 of them to smile for a photo was impossible this was the best one out of 6.

After they had finished the park run 

I had said I would have E for the day so we asked Nanna Dawn and Grandad Colin if they would like to come out with us for the day.  We all came back to our house after park run and had drinks and biscuits, Uncle Gareth left to go and see Aunty Faye and Baby who had been born on the Saturday morning,

It took ages to decide where to go, Nanna Dawn came up with Brockholes, all the kids had been their before with Nanna and Grandad so we got the kids changed, made sure they had hats and gloves and headed out.

We got to Brockholes at lunch time so we went to check how busy it was and do a toilet stop at the same time, the restaurant was really busy so we decided to leave it for a bit and let the children have a play in the park and run some more steam off.


The park was extremely muddy, which none of us were expecting,  Kacy wasn't wearing the best shoes either - Ugg boots. The kids got very muddy but had so much fun and that's the main thing.  They all needed help going around the obstacle course which I was very glad with the extra hands of the grandparents at this point so there was a child to an adult each.

Fun at the park

We got off the obstacle course and the kids went on the swings, Nanna turned around to Daddy and said "I'm getting grumpy, I need some food" we rounded everyone up and headed back to the restaurant.  Just as I was just thinking that no-one had hurt themselves; what does Kira do?  Shows off and fell over hurting her hands, nothing major but with her hands being cold it hurt more.

Action shots of these two, they were being so cute and funny I couldn't resist 
The Restaurant was manic still and there was two doors to get into it so no one actually knew where the queue was, we sorted the kids out with lunch boxes, sent them off with Grandad who had walked off already (he can't cope with crowds) to find a table, got Daddy to find out what he and Grandad wanted then sent him off to help with the kids while Nanna and I got the lunch.  My word that was stressful, had to get Daddy to come back for extra hands but we got sorted and we all got some food even though Grandad's was slightly wrong - it got a bit confusing as you can imagine, I'm used to ordering for 5 people not 8!

When we were paying we got told that because we spent over £25 we can get free parking which I thought was a great incentive to get people to eat at the restaurant.  The restaurant is actually on the lake so when the water rises so does the restaurant, I was excepting the restaurant to rock, I wouldn't of known it was just sat on top of the water unless Grandad told me, the view was stunning, we managed to get a table next to the window, so you could see the water, it was just beautiful.

Kira and E eating lunch while a swan swam past 

After lunch we decided to do a bit of exploring, before we did that we had to nip to the shop to get our free parking, well the kids all found something they would like quiet cheap.  I did have to whistle at them to make them all be quiet, they did get rather excited and loud.  Daddy and Grandad managed to slip out leaving me and Nanna with the kids, what is it with men and doing that?

Cousins and their toy ducks, "quack quack crash"

With the extremely muddy conditions and clock watching due to Liverpool FC playing at 4, we decided to have a small stroll, we tried one way but it was far too muddy, so we went a different way. Daddy and Grandad walked off leaving Nanna and I with the kids (I'm seeing a pattern here).  Whilst I was trying to get Summer and E up one very slippy part of the walk, I was half excepting me to fall over but managed to catch myself and get them up to the top without them falling into the mud.  At the top and walking through a woody bit we saw a bench and Kacy moaned because she knew so well that I would ask for a photo!

I love this photo of all of them 
The kids were so funny while walking round, all you could hear from Summer and E was "quack quack cash", Kira pretending she was a rabbit and Kacy being a typical 10 year old.

We found some stones, the older two both thought of the similar things, Kira thought of Brave and Kacy thought of stone hedge which I thought it looked like as well. The views were stunning, I wish we could have stayed longer and it wasn't so muddy to walk around the lake, so we could have done some more exploring.

Stones and views
We all had a fantastic time at Brockholes, we will definitely be going back to do more exploring and probably take a picnic with us, hopefully it wouldn't be as muddy for us to be able to do this. I had never heard of this place until today, by the time we got back to the car, the kids were ready to head home, Daddy went with Nanna and Grandad so he could watch the football and I took all the kids with me.

I was half excepting Summer to fall asleep and maybe E but no; they all talked all the way home, at one point I did have to tell them to be quiet because they were being that loud and I couldn't concentrate.

We got home and Kacy took Spirit for a walk for me and Kira started a bath for Summer and E, well before I even got upstairs they were running around in their birthday suits! Kira did join in but I told her to put a dressing gown on, she really didn't understand why, so that she didn't feel like she was missing out I gave her an important job to listen out for Kacy and Spirit.

Summer and E loved having a bath together, they were so good, I was excepting a battle from E but nope he let me wash his hair and his face no problem, Summer was a good role model for him, after they got out the bath I put a film on for them while I started tea and Kira had a bath.

snuggled on the sofa watching Big Hero 6
When it was time for E to go home, he really didn't want to, he was too busy watching Big Hero 6. His excuse for having to go back into the living room was to give Kira a kiss, I kept lifting him out of the living room it was so cute.

Everyone had a fantastic day and I hope to do it again soon but with Auntie Faye, Uncle Gareth and not forgetting baby F

Have you been any where new recently?

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