Thursday, 31 March 2016

Selfies Ravensburger puzzle Review

After doing the last Puzzle, we were asked to try another one which we said yes too, when the puzzle arrived Kira was so excited and couldn't wait to start putting the puzzle together, we got a evening where it was just me and Kira.

Kira and I aren't very good at puzzles,  but we have fun and try our hardest, the last puzzle we did we ended up getting Daddy to help us which you can read here and it took us 3 hours.  This Ravensburger Puzzle is from 6+ and 100 pieces so hopefully wouldn't take us as long or need Daddy's help.

Kira matching the pieces together

We got all the edges and corners together and figured out where they went.  Kira soon started saying she couldn't do it, so I got her to start making the pig.  It didn't take her long before she could see it coming together, she was loving it and couldn't wait for it to be finished so she could see what it looked like.  After 20/30 minutes we had finished the puzzle, Kira was so proud seeing the puzzle finished.

Kira with her finished puzzle

Kira loves the faces all the animals are making, I love all the details that goes into the Ravensburger puzzles they make them look so life like.

Do you like doing puzzles?

*we were given this product for free for my own honest opinion and photos*

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  1. We are huge jigsaw fans so will check these ones out. We love the ones where you don't get to see the picture and have to work out what they're looking at!


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