Thursday, 31 March 2016

Shaker Maker Review

Daddy and I are not crafty in the slightest, even when we try it fails, we tend to use ready made craft items with instructions on how to do it, When the opportunity came up to review Shaker Maker I knew the girls would love it.

You got everything you need to do start making your sculptures, the contents in the box is 1 shaker maker orb, 1 shaker maker lid, 2 character moulds, 2 display stands, 1 paint brush, 1 set of paints, 2 shaker maker powders and instructions.

I did the first mould with Summer just before her bedtime, she picked Anna, I read the instructions about 4 times over to make sure we didn't do it wrong, I told Summer step by step what she needed to do and with a little help from myself she did it all. She had a fantastic time making the mould and it took all of 5 minutes; so quick and easy, so it's not too long for them to get bored.  Then we waited over night for it to dry.

Summer Making her Anna Sculpture 
It was Kira's turn next and we did it first thing in the morning before we went out for the day. With Kira being 7 I sat with her and told her step by step what to do and she did it all on her own, again she loved doing it and couldn't wait to see what it turned out like and couldn't wait to be able to paint it. 

Kira making her Elsa sculpture 
I did painting one at a time so I they had my full attention while they did it.  Well, that was the idea!  Kira told me she didn't need me to watch over her.  The attention to details on the sculputres were fantastic but slightly fiddly for little hands, they both gave it a good go though. 

Kira and Summer painting their sculptures 
The girls have loved making these and they are easy to make with minimal mess, they have already asked if they can make another one, which I wasn't sure about if they did refills and they do which is fantastic.

Kira is on the left and Summer's is on the right 

The two different Shaker Makers, a frozen which the girls have done and a Shopkins one, they are for 5+ and RRP £9.99

You can find more about Shaker Makers and other products they do on their website

*the product was gifted to us for our views and photos*


  1. These are great aren't they. My youngest got a set for Christmas and loved them.

  2. These look like so much fun. I'm glad the girls enjoyed making them!


  3. These look like so much fun! I run a Brownies group and the girls would love the Frozen ones!

    1. I would defentley get a set for brownies hun they would love it


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