Sunday, 24 April 2016

Plasticine Party review and Give Away

When I was asked if I could do a Plasticine review I thought "definitely" - it would go perfectly with Kira's 8th Birthday but they couldn't get it to me in time.  I thought "oh well I can just invite some of Kira's friends round another day", Thursday morning just as we are about to leave the house to do the school run there was knock at the door and it was a delivery driver. I didn't have a clue what it was until I opened it and I was stunned at how much was in this massive box.  I thought "Oh I will still be able to do it in groups with the kids" but it was only when we got home and had a proper look at it all that I realised we couldn't.  So a quick think and a text later on we had friends coming round for the party, ranging from ages 4-10 with Summer being the youngest and Kacy's friend K being the eldest.

Friday Evening I got everything out of the box I was/am still shocked at how much was in this party box - we had invitations, stickers for the guests with me knowing everyone we didn't use, pass the parcel all wrapped with sweets in each layer and a prize at the end, 4 Plasticine play sets for them to play with, colouring in to do 3 sheets each and 2 other games. As well as the games and Plasticine sets they had party bags and fillers, cups, plates a bowl, napkins and a table cloth everything you need to start you off on our Plasticine party. I managed to rope, Kacy, Kira and Kacy's friend K to help me fill the 12 party bags Friday evening.

Everything you need to start your Plasticine party

The 4 sets we received 
It was party time so while we were waiting for the girl's friends to arrive we got them to start with the colouring in, they did a fantastic job of designing their own cupcakes, didn't quite finish it all so everyone took their pictures home with them. It was a fantastic way of starting the party and in between while we tidied up from pass the parcel.

Colouring in time 
All of the girl's friends had arrived so we gave them 5-10 minutes before we started pass the parcel, which they were so excited about, Summer being the bossy one and telling them that they had to get into a circle.

Pass the Parcel and R won the prize
The children started colouring again while we tidied the paper up, we decided next we would see who could make the longest snake with samples of Plasticine.  We got all the packaging off and made sure everyone's was soft before starting, but instead of spending 10 minutes doing it like it suggested we made it to a race and judged on how they were getting on.  It was great fun, the children loved it - there was some unusually ways of making snakes though, F took lots of little bits and stuck them together, K did something similar, while others rolled it over the table. I even got a measuring tape and we had to measure everyone's snake, K won the snake race.

The Snake Race
We then had a snack of cake - which I don't think touched the sides - before it was time to open the sets and let all of them just play with the Plasticine, the creations they came up with were amazing! The Plasticine was so easy to use, each set came with a little instructions ideas of what you could make and the cupcake mould was so easy to use.  They could mix it together without it going a horrible colour, it didn't fall to bits while moulding it together, all the kids had a brilliant time and absolutely loved playing with it.

The children playing with the Plasticine sets 
I thought I would leave the best pictures for last and that is what they made out of Plasticine.  They all look fantastic, every single one of them have loved having this party and can't wait to get a set each themselves.

Their creations 
The Give Away 

With all of us absolutely loving the party and playing with the Plasticine we are giving the opportunity for one of my lucky readers to win a Plasticine Party Kit!  The kit will be worth £50 and will include everything you need for a great day including party ware, pass the parcel and party bags for up to 12 children.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and condition 

  • The competition finishes on the 24/05/16
  • open to UK residents only
  • Entry is free and must be made by commenting on this blog post and filling in the rafflecopter widget
  • The prize is for a Plasticine Softeez party Kit for 12 children
  • This prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered
  • ONE winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter and announced on this page
  • The winner will be contacted by email within 24 hours of the competition ending
  • once the winner has been selected at random using rafflecopter, Mummy3+1Dog will contact the PR company of the winner's name and they will send on the prize, Mummy3+1Dog is not responsible for fulfilling this prize 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Schleich Farm Yard Review

Summer loves all animals, which I encourage with myself being a big animal lover, so when the opportunity to review two Schleich Farm sets came up I jumped at the chance.  I knew Summer would get a lot of enjoyment with these.

The two sets that arrived were My first farm animals and Stable cleaning  Summer couldn't wait to open them and start playing.

My First Farm Animals comes with a Black-pied cow, a pig, a cute little lamb, a hen, a bunch of carrots, apples and a bale of hay.

Stable Cleaning Kit with Calf and Lamb comes with a Shropshire Lamb, Fleckvieh Calf, a brush, bucket and two bunches of carrots.

You can clearly see what your getting just by looking at the boxes and as soon as we got them out we could see all the details they have put into making the animals and the accessories that go with them.

My First Farm Animals and Stable cleaning
 Summer had to help me take pictures of the animals and get them set up for me, here is a closer look at the animals.

a closer look at the My first farm animals 

A closer look at the Stable cleaning kit 
If you follow me on Instagram  you would of seen the picture I took of Summer after minutes of getting them out the box, she was loving them and spent hours playing with them making them eat and getting them to go to sleep.

A photo posted by vicky lawless (@mummy31dog) on

The next day Summer asked me to play with her, she doesn't usually like me playing with her because I don't do it right. She got them set up for me to take pictures of them, told me what I could play with and what they had to do, she is extremely bossy!

Summer playing with the farm animals 
Summer wanted to join in on taking pictures of the animals so she lined them up the way she wanted and got her tablet.

Summer taking a picture 
These are fantastic little animals and are brilliant quality and have and will give Summer loads of enjoyment, I can see us buying a fair few more of these animals to add to her collection.

Do you have any schleich animals?

*We were given the farm sets to review with my own words and photos*

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Buying Tyres online

Over the past 11 years Daddy and I have been together we have had our fair share of cars. Daddy was the first one to pass his driving test, we got given a free car by a family friend, it was red Ford Escort. it was 11 years old when we got it, well it wasn't long before we realised the reason we got given it for free, at the time Daddy was working in Manchester so needed a car to get to work, the first thing that went on it was the alternator on the way whilst Daddy was picking me up from work, then the day before we were due to get a new car the clutch went on it while Daddy was on the motorway in the outside lane on the way to pick me up. Daddy got it towed home we then got £30 for it to be taken for scrap. We had it from the December 2004 to the July 2005

Our second car was a green Citroen Xsara. when we first got it we thought it was better then sliced bread, it was going to be perfect for when Kacy arrived and the pushchair and for traveling down south for a little holiday for our first Anniversary of being together, at first the car was fantastic but it soon started to fail on us, the first thing that failed on us was the ECU. well luckily at the time we lived on a street with a garage at the end, but that took 2 weeks to be fixed due to having to be sent to am automobile electrician to find out what was wrong with it, with Daddy still working in Manchester and being in the middle of no where in Manchester it took him 3 hours to train it home which wasn't the greatest.  Then it was the dreaded MOT I remember being at a soft play centre with a friend and her daughter and I got the phone call to tell me for it to pass its MOT it was going to cost me £500 which of course we paid, it took us a while to save up for another car especially with our wedding soon, well I found I was pregnant again on our honey moon so then we had to move so that put the car on hold, we moved house then looked for a new car before Kira arrived due to the car needing to go in the garage yet again because it wouldn't always start first time we managed to part ex it. We had the Citroen from July 2005 to March 2008

Our next car was the Honda Jazz I loved this car but every 6 months we were forking out for a new tyre, we tried so many garages and different tyres to see if that would solve the problem with no luck but having to fork out for one or two tyres every 6 months at £50-£70 each time was getting ridiculous, we didn't know what we were doing wrong but then we found out the price range was right but it was the type of tyre we were getting slightly wrong, so then we knew what tyres we need to get for our car, I got told about this website called Point.s where you could buy tyres online where you put in the measurements and get them sent to a local garage and they would fit them at a time that would suit you which was even better, well soon after we got the tyres sorted our gear box broke which cost £800 that is with our one being refurbed and that was cheaper a couple of months after that I had a crash which it was going to cost to much to repair. We had the Honda from March 2008-January 2015

The car we have at the moment is a Ford Focus C Max and touch wood except from a few minor things we haven't had to fork out loads of money for it.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Down memory lane

My Dad joined the Army when he was 17, met my Mum in Aldershot and they got married in 1985, moved to Germany and had me in January 1986 and we lived in Germany for 18 months.

Move forward 3 years to 1989 when we lived in Aldershot, Kristine was born and I started preschool in the Easter.

Me in Preschool in 1989
In 1990 we moved to Ireland were I started at Pond Park Primary school, we only lived there for two years, we left just after the bombing in Ireland which my Dad was involved in, but that is a whole different story.

Me in Pond Park Primary in 1990

Me in Pond Park Primary 1991

In 1992 we moved to London this time to Woolwich which I remember the most of my childhood. We lived an hour away from my Nan, Great Granny and Aunt. My Nan used to come for a Sunday roast, we used to have house parties for our birthdays, I broke my arm riding around the houses, not sure who looked after Kris or where Dad was while Mum and a really nice neighbour took us to A&E to get it x-rayed, to make me feel better she gave me a little teddy bear, I went to Cherry Orchard Primary school which was my favorite school and you can never forget your favorite teacher and mine was Miss Fisher, she was the loveliest teacher you could ever meet.

Miss Fisher Class 1992

After I had finished at Cheery Orchard school I had to go to what they called a middle school, Mum and Dad can't remember the name of it, they really didn't want to send me there but it was one of those things at the time, I was only there from the September to the March, I can remember I really didn't like the teacher she was just a horrible teacher, she had white hair and wore glasses that sat on the end of her nose, the only thing I can remember doing there was we had to draw around ourselves and then colour them in in groups. My best friend was called Jasmine, this is where my education started going down hill in this middle school.

After 12 years in the Army my Dad could leave, so he did, part of his reason for leaving was because he had been told that he would of had to move several more times in the next few years which would of disrupted my education even more.

So we packed our lives up again into boxes, I remember barricading myself in to my bedroom because I didn't want to leave my friends or my rabbit that was called Sam.

Due to always having army houses we had to move in with my Grandad, Dad's Dad for 5/6 weeks while Mum and Dad found a house to buy, Dad had managed to get a job in Alderhey hospital, while they were house hunting we went to a local school in Wigan.

Mum and Dad brought a house in Callands where we started at Callands Primary school in April 1995 but this is where it was noticeable that us moving all over the place had affected my education, I didn't know my times tables and maths in general was one of the biggest problems. They were hoping I would catch up.

Callands Primary School 1995 in the October

In 1997 I moved to high school with all my friends, we went to Great Sankey High where I got extra help, at the time it made me fell tiny and I felt very stuipd and couldn't understand why it just wouldn't stay put in my head, I was in the bottom sets for everything except English, I had extra help from a teacher wearing a dickybow and from year 9 the bottom sets went on the computer and did extra work on there which made me feel even more stuipd then I was.  When it was time for my GCSE's Mum and Dad looked for a tutor for me. I was due to get an F in Maths, they found one through the school and she had worked there as a maths teacher for years. Even with me putting my best effort in I didn't get what we worked for which was a D but came out with an E. Still to this Day I'm not very good at maths and if the girls need help with their maths homework they have to ask Daddy to help them.

Left picture we think was taken in year 7, the right picture taken in year 11

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