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Down memory lane

My Dad joined the Army when he was 17, met my Mum in Aldershot and they got married in 1985, moved to Germany and had me in January 1986 and we lived in Germany for 18 months.

Move forward 3 years to 1989 when we lived in Aldershot, Kristine was born and I started preschool in the Easter.

Me in Preschool in 1989
In 1990 we moved to Ireland were I started at Pond Park Primary school, we only lived there for two years, we left just after the bombing in Ireland which my Dad was involved in, but that is a whole different story.

Me in Pond Park Primary in 1990

Me in Pond Park Primary 1991

In 1992 we moved to London this time to Woolwich which I remember the most of my childhood. We lived an hour away from my Nan, Great Granny and Aunt. My Nan used to come for a Sunday roast, we used to have house parties for our birthdays, I broke my arm riding around the houses, not sure who looked after Kris or where Dad was while Mum and a really nice neighbour took us to A&E to get it x-rayed, to make me feel better she gave me a little teddy bear, I went to Cherry Orchard Primary school which was my favorite school and you can never forget your favorite teacher and mine was Miss Fisher, she was the loveliest teacher you could ever meet.

Miss Fisher Class 1992

After I had finished at Cheery Orchard school I had to go to what they called a middle school, Mum and Dad can't remember the name of it, they really didn't want to send me there but it was one of those things at the time, I was only there from the September to the March, I can remember I really didn't like the teacher she was just a horrible teacher, she had white hair and wore glasses that sat on the end of her nose, the only thing I can remember doing there was we had to draw around ourselves and then colour them in in groups. My best friend was called Jasmine, this is where my education started going down hill in this middle school.

After 12 years in the Army my Dad could leave, so he did, part of his reason for leaving was because he had been told that he would of had to move several more times in the next few years which would of disrupted my education even more.

So we packed our lives up again into boxes, I remember barricading myself in to my bedroom because I didn't want to leave my friends or my rabbit that was called Sam.

Due to always having army houses we had to move in with my Grandad, Dad's Dad for 5/6 weeks while Mum and Dad found a house to buy, Dad had managed to get a job in Alderhey hospital, while they were house hunting we went to a local school in Wigan.

Mum and Dad brought a house in Callands where we started at Callands Primary school in April 1995 but this is where it was noticeable that us moving all over the place had affected my education, I didn't know my times tables and maths in general was one of the biggest problems. They were hoping I would catch up.

Callands Primary School 1995 in the October

In 1997 I moved to high school with all my friends, we went to Great Sankey High where I got extra help, at the time it made me fell tiny and I felt very stuipd and couldn't understand why it just wouldn't stay put in my head, I was in the bottom sets for everything except English, I had extra help from a teacher wearing a dickybow and from year 9 the bottom sets went on the computer and did extra work on there which made me feel even more stuipd then I was.  When it was time for my GCSE's Mum and Dad looked for a tutor for me. I was due to get an F in Maths, they found one through the school and she had worked there as a maths teacher for years. Even with me putting my best effort in I didn't get what we worked for which was a D but came out with an E. Still to this Day I'm not very good at maths and if the girls need help with their maths homework they have to ask Daddy to help them.

Left picture we think was taken in year 7, the right picture taken in year 11

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  1. Great read, it's lovely to find out more about our grown up friend's childhood

  2. Great read, it's lovely to find out more about our grown up friend's childhood


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