Thursday, 21 April 2016

Schleich Farm Yard Review

Summer loves all animals, which I encourage with myself being a big animal lover, so when the opportunity to review two Schleich Farm sets came up I jumped at the chance.  I knew Summer would get a lot of enjoyment with these.

The two sets that arrived were My first farm animals and Stable cleaning  Summer couldn't wait to open them and start playing.

My First Farm Animals comes with a Black-pied cow, a pig, a cute little lamb, a hen, a bunch of carrots, apples and a bale of hay.

Stable Cleaning Kit with Calf and Lamb comes with a Shropshire Lamb, Fleckvieh Calf, a brush, bucket and two bunches of carrots.

You can clearly see what your getting just by looking at the boxes and as soon as we got them out we could see all the details they have put into making the animals and the accessories that go with them.

My First Farm Animals and Stable cleaning
 Summer had to help me take pictures of the animals and get them set up for me, here is a closer look at the animals.

a closer look at the My first farm animals 

A closer look at the Stable cleaning kit 
If you follow me on Instagram  you would of seen the picture I took of Summer after minutes of getting them out the box, she was loving them and spent hours playing with them making them eat and getting them to go to sleep.

A photo posted by vicky lawless (@mummy31dog) on

The next day Summer asked me to play with her, she doesn't usually like me playing with her because I don't do it right. She got them set up for me to take pictures of them, told me what I could play with and what they had to do, she is extremely bossy!

Summer playing with the farm animals 
Summer wanted to join in on taking pictures of the animals so she lined them up the way she wanted and got her tablet.

Summer taking a picture 
These are fantastic little animals and are brilliant quality and have and will give Summer loads of enjoyment, I can see us buying a fair few more of these animals to add to her collection.

Do you have any schleich animals?

*We were given the farm sets to review with my own words and photos*

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