Monday, 30 May 2016

Katy book review, by Kacy Aged 10

I couldn’t wait to read Jaqueline’s Wilsons new book when it came out as I had always liked the story behind What Katy Did. I love Jaqueline Wilson so I have read loads of her books, half of my bookshelf is full of her books.


Katy is an amazing book. It is full of Katy’s innermost feelings and by the end of the book you feel like you have known Katy all your life. When she talks about her step-sister, her step-mum, her siblings, her Dad, her Mum and friends.

It was beautifully told and I loved it when she went and had her picnics until the accident, then you really got to step inside Katy and feel her true feelings. It was magnificent in that way. She has five younger brothers and sisters. She is great at playing imagination games but is also a daredevil. Katy loves skate boarding, climbing and most of all taking the adventures into the secret garden. She has happy memories of her Mum pushing her on her swing. However, after the accidents her spirits sink. She wonders what is going to happen…

You can buy this from Amazon for £3.49

*we got given this book for our words and photos*

Family Fever

Friday, 27 May 2016

Printworks Manchester Review

On Sunday we were invited to the Printworks in Manchester for a family day out, I haven't been for years and then I can't remember the night out.

We arrived in Manchester and it was really busy, both Daddy and I wondered why, then we saw people with race numbers on and realised that the Manchester 10K was on. When we got into the Printworks it was buzzing with excitement already - even at half 11 in the morning, with police walking around to make sure the peace was kept, the bars were already filling up, a band was playing in the middle of Printworks and people were dancing on the little dance floor they had made for them.  The atmosphere was electric and made you want to stay wandering around.

Printworks Manchester
Printworks Manchester
Our first stop was at a restaurant, there are so many restaurants to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, from Frankie and Benny's to the Harvester, we choose Chiquito - we have all been to before but not since Summer was a baby so we thought we would try it again.

We were very welcomed; they talked to the girls when we arrived which made the girls feel at home, showed us a table, told us our waiter's name which I can't remember and gave us the biggest hat of Nachos and salsa (which the girls were amazed at) while we decided on what we wanted for lunch.

Sombrero with Nachos
Massive sombrero with Nachos  
We finally decided what we were all having and the waiter took our order, we sat and ate Nachos, the girls did their activity books they were given, we were all so chilled.

Our drinks arrived really quickly Kacy ordered a strawberry sensation, Kira a pepsi, Summer a milkshake, Daddy ordered mock-jito and I ordered a virgin colada
Our drinks
The girls drinks with moustaches and Daddy's and mine
We were all having a laugh doing the activity books, playing around with the moustaches they got with the straws and the Sombrero hats that they had around the table and dotted around the restaurant.

Girls messing around
Girls with Sombrero's and a big Moustache
Our food turned up, we only ordered mains and the girls got desserts with their meals. Girls didn't go for anything adventurous but they really enjoyed their food which is the main thing.  Daddy and I had a sharing meal called 'Street Food' so we got to try 3 different selections, Daddy had Mexican Frittata, Halloumi bites, Crispy taco, I had the sweet chroizo croquettes, Whipped Feta and Honey and quesadillas bites. It was so tasty and even though they were only small they filled us up.

Our food 
We finished our meals and the girls choose their desserts, the older two went for Brownie and ice cream and Summer had a minnie milk, I just had to have a taste of the girls - it was so nice I wanted one of my own.

The girls desserts
The Girl's desserts 

One thing Daddy and I noticed was that the restaurant was sound proof which we thought was fantastic, we only heard the music and noise of people when someone was walking into the restaurant.  The staff were all so friendly, we didn't feel rushed at all it was just a lovely, chilled meal out.

The next part of our day out at Printworks was to go to the cinema to see The Jungle Book which the girls have wanted to see since it came out. The seats were so comfortable and the girls didn't need booster seats which they do in other cinemas we have been to. Summer got slightly scared at some points when she thought Mogley or any of the characters were hurt, but other than that the girls loved it and can't wait for it to come on DVD.

Angry birds display and the girls
We had a fantastic day out at Printworks and couldn't recommend it highly, we will be going back for a day out very soon.

*We were given a voucher for the meal and cinema tickets for our own opinion and photos*

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Schleich Horse Set Review

With Summer loving the first animal farm set from Schleich we knew that Summer would love the Horse set, when it arrived she got so excited and couldn't wait for me to open it and start playing with it.

Summer and her horses
Summer extremely excited 
We got sent the Horse feeding set and eventing rider, In the Horse Feeding set you get a Mare and her Foal, with two bails of hay, 2 lots of carrots, a pen that all attaches together, a basket to hang onto the fence and a little girl. In The Eventing rider you get the rider, saddle, reins and the horse, The rider is shaped so he sits on the horse you can put his feet in the stirrups and he can hold the reins.

Horse feeding set and Eventing rider
Eventing Rider and Horse Feeding Set
Summer and I love these little sets, she has made so many little games up with just these toys alone. In July there is some new horse range coming out, I can't wait to show Summer these.

Summer playing her Horse set
Summer playing with the Horse Feeding set and The Eventing Horse

We will be definitely getting some more sets for her, The Horse Feeding Set is £14.99 and the Eventing Horse rider is £11.99.

*we got given these sets for our own photos and opinions* 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Conwy and Llandudno Family Day Out

During the week Nanna and I planned for all of us to go crabbing on Sunday; I found out from a good friend that Conwy was good and Nanna had found out the same.  Nanna said she woould make a picnic for all of us.  It didn't start as planned - well we didn't plan it very well at all, we didn't know exactly where we were going, we decided on the day if we were taking Spirit or not but the weather being really nice and warm we decided against it also some of the beaches have restrictions on them.

We decided just to head to Conwy and go from there, on the way there Daddy did come up with the suggestion that Anglesea was good for crabbing but this was adding another 45 minutes to the car journey and with it being 11:30 already we decided against it. 

As we were driving to Conwy Daddy said its going to rain and he was right, absolutely beautiful in england but Conwy it was raining, but it didn't stop us having fun!  We got to Conwy and had the picnic in the car before we headed off to the sea. 

It was really busy in Conwy as we walked down to the sea front, there were a lot of shops that Nanna and I would have loved to look in but no-one else did until - we passed a toy shop so we nipped in while Daddy stood outside.  The girls used their pocket money to buy a soft toy each, Kacy bought an Owl, Kira bought Mr Bean's Teddy and Summer bought George pig that is dressed as a super hero. 

We got to the front not sure where to stop, a lovely couple gave us their bait, crab buckets and lines saying they had finished with them.  We tried for about half an hour with no luck, Kacy and Daddy were not impressed in the slightest, they sat on the wall both of them moaning. The younger two soon got bored and started messing round with the nets. 

catching crabs
Catching Crabs, Kira being her usual self and a moaning child and Daddy 
We decided to see if we could find somewhere else to catch crabs, on the way we spotted this small red house - it is called the smallest house in Great Britain. We told the girls they could go and have a look on the way back, we walked over some stones Nanna and I helping each other so we didn't fall over, we got around this wall and found nothing.  Daddy soon stopped to check his phone to find out where it was we needed to be to find out it was 8 miles away the decent crabbing place, so we threw some ideas around and decided to go to Landdudno, on the way back to the car we stopped to look in the smallest house in Great Britain, only Kacy and Kira wanted to go in so I went with them. This house was tiny, you walked in and you were at the back of the house, the older two loved looking around wondering where she would have cooked or if she had fallen down the stairs.

The Smallest house in the world
The Smallest house in Great Britian
We walked back to the car and headed to Llandudno, we had to drive around a little bit so that Daddy knew where he was, we found a car park and headed to the beach, the minute we got to the beach the moaning Kacy cheered up. 

It wasn't raining, the Sun had come out it was just a beautiful/fun couple of hours to the point that the time got away with us.  Grandad and I headed off to the rockpools to see if we could find some crabs with no luck.  While we were walking over the stones we couldn't hear anything else except the noise of the sea it was just stunning it was so nice just to stand there and listen to the sea crash against the stones and then back out, watching the sea act like little water falls to head back out to the big open sea.  If you follow me on Instagram you can hear the sound of the sea.  

The beautiful views and the younger two
The beautiful views from the sea front
Grandad carried on trying to catch crabs which he says he did but we have no proof, while Nanna and I both fell backwards of rocks; Kacy running away because the water was too cold for her, Summer being brave and trying to get to the sea until she realised the water was far too cold, Kira have a whale of a time making sand castles with Daddy.

The Beach
Having fun at the beach
We had just a fantastic day out even if it wasn't the way we planned it, we are going to try and go crabbing again this time go first thing before the tide goes out and better planning including can we take Spirit with us (we realised we could have done), where we can catch crabs and take our own bait with us - we got told while we were at the smallest house in Great Britain that they love bacon and hate squid.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fairy Charm Jewellery

Summer was over the moon when we got the opportunity to review the Fairy Charm Jewellery, she has really enjoyed her being creative and loves wearing her Jewellery.

Fairy Charm Jewellery
Fairy Charm Jewellery 

You can create 10 brightly coloured fabulous Jewellery accessories.

Box content:-
  • 160 x Opaque Beads (4 colours)
  • 80 x Bicone Beads (2 colours)
  • 40 x Round Facetted Beads (2 colours)
  • 20 x Pearl Effect Beads (2 colours)
  • 10 x Pink Heart Beads
  • 10 x Purple Star Beads
  • 10 x Purple Butterfly Beads
  • 12 x Metal Fairy Charms
  • 12 x Charm Split Rings
  • 4m Stretch Jewellery Cord
  • 5 x Clasps
  • 10 x Small Beads
  • Instruction Booklet
Summer decided that she would like to make a bracelet, so we picked her charm and got two of every  bead out to see how many we could fit onto her bracelet. 

Summer picking her charms and making her bracelet
Summer picking her charm and making her bracelet
Summer was extremely proud of her bracelet especially because I had to remake it twice after dropping it on the floor. 

Summer with her bracelet
Summer very proud with her bracelet 
Summer loved making the bracelet and has worn it every day since, she wants to make one for her dolly and another for her dinosaur. For now her dinosaur is keeping guard of her bracelet while she is at school.

You can buy your own Fairy Charm Jewellery from Interplay for £7.99

*we got given this product for our own words and photos*

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Snail World Review

Kids love playing around in the dirt and finding creepy crawlies and Summer is no exception, so when we got the opportunity to review Snail World it was the perfect opportunity for Summer to go hunting for Snails.

Snail world
You get everything you need in the box to start you off on your journey of finding and keeping snails.
The box contains:

  • One Clear Tank with lid
  • A Magnifying glass
  • Forceps
  • Instructions booklet (with interesting facts about snails and all the different snails and slugs there is)

We got hunting for snails with no luck due to the weather being really nice, one of my friends said she had loads in her garden, she kindly dropped them off for us, we set up the tank and we put in a nice cool place away from direct sunlight which in our house is in the hallway, the snails were more active at night, it was fascinating to watch them eat the cucumber and apple I had put in which the instruction booklet told me to put in to feed them.  After a few days when it was raining I put them back outside under a brush.

The snails while they are eating and moving around
Summer has loved looking after the snails for a few days, so much so that she is even taking the whole kit into school so she can redo it with her school friends.

You can buy Snail world and other bug worlds from Interplay, Snail World is price at £9.99

*we were given snail world for our own photos and opinion*