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Conwy and Llandudno Family Day Out

During the week Nanna and I planned for all of us to go crabbing on Sunday; I found out from a good friend that Conwy was good and Nanna had found out the same.  Nanna said she woould make a picnic for all of us.  It didn't start as planned - well we didn't plan it very well at all, we didn't know exactly where we were going, we decided on the day if we were taking Spirit or not but the weather being really nice and warm we decided against it also some of the beaches have restrictions on them.

We decided just to head to Conwy and go from there, on the way there Daddy did come up with the suggestion that Anglesea was good for crabbing but this was adding another 45 minutes to the car journey and with it being 11:30 already we decided against it. 

As we were driving to Conwy Daddy said its going to rain and he was right, absolutely beautiful in england but Conwy it was raining, but it didn't stop us having fun!  We got to Conwy and had the picnic in the car before we headed off to the sea. 

It was really busy in Conwy as we walked down to the sea front, there were a lot of shops that Nanna and I would have loved to look in but no-one else did until - we passed a toy shop so we nipped in while Daddy stood outside.  The girls used their pocket money to buy a soft toy each, Kacy bought an Owl, Kira bought Mr Bean's Teddy and Summer bought George pig that is dressed as a super hero. 

We got to the front not sure where to stop, a lovely couple gave us their bait, crab buckets and lines saying they had finished with them.  We tried for about half an hour with no luck, Kacy and Daddy were not impressed in the slightest, they sat on the wall both of them moaning. The younger two soon got bored and started messing round with the nets. 

catching crabs
Catching Crabs, Kira being her usual self and a moaning child and Daddy 
We decided to see if we could find somewhere else to catch crabs, on the way we spotted this small red house - it is called the smallest house in Great Britain. We told the girls they could go and have a look on the way back, we walked over some stones Nanna and I helping each other so we didn't fall over, we got around this wall and found nothing.  Daddy soon stopped to check his phone to find out where it was we needed to be to find out it was 8 miles away the decent crabbing place, so we threw some ideas around and decided to go to Landdudno, on the way back to the car we stopped to look in the smallest house in Great Britain, only Kacy and Kira wanted to go in so I went with them. This house was tiny, you walked in and you were at the back of the house, the older two loved looking around wondering where she would have cooked or if she had fallen down the stairs.

The Smallest house in the world
The Smallest house in Great Britian
We walked back to the car and headed to Llandudno, we had to drive around a little bit so that Daddy knew where he was, we found a car park and headed to the beach, the minute we got to the beach the moaning Kacy cheered up. 

It wasn't raining, the Sun had come out it was just a beautiful/fun couple of hours to the point that the time got away with us.  Grandad and I headed off to the rockpools to see if we could find some crabs with no luck.  While we were walking over the stones we couldn't hear anything else except the noise of the sea it was just stunning it was so nice just to stand there and listen to the sea crash against the stones and then back out, watching the sea act like little water falls to head back out to the big open sea.  If you follow me on Instagram you can hear the sound of the sea.  

The beautiful views and the younger two
The beautiful views from the sea front
Grandad carried on trying to catch crabs which he says he did but we have no proof, while Nanna and I both fell backwards of rocks; Kacy running away because the water was too cold for her, Summer being brave and trying to get to the sea until she realised the water was far too cold, Kira have a whale of a time making sand castles with Daddy.

The Beach
Having fun at the beach
We had just a fantastic day out even if it wasn't the way we planned it, we are going to try and go crabbing again this time go first thing before the tide goes out and better planning including can we take Spirit with us (we realised we could have done), where we can catch crabs and take our own bait with us - we got told while we were at the smallest house in Great Britain that they love bacon and hate squid.

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  1. My Mum grew up in Conwy so I have fond memories of going there as a child myself, I remember Llandudno as having a huge promenade and gorgeous beach. So pleased it dried up for you to enjoy it. That little house is so dinky, I'd wan't a look too. thank you for popping over to share with me on #CountryKids


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