Monday, 30 May 2016

Katy book review, by Kacy Aged 10

I couldn’t wait to read Jaqueline’s Wilsons new book when it came out as I had always liked the story behind What Katy Did. I love Jaqueline Wilson so I have read loads of her books, half of my bookshelf is full of her books.


Katy is an amazing book. It is full of Katy’s innermost feelings and by the end of the book you feel like you have known Katy all your life. When she talks about her step-sister, her step-mum, her siblings, her Dad, her Mum and friends.

It was beautifully told and I loved it when she went and had her picnics until the accident, then you really got to step inside Katy and feel her true feelings. It was magnificent in that way. She has five younger brothers and sisters. She is great at playing imagination games but is also a daredevil. Katy loves skate boarding, climbing and most of all taking the adventures into the secret garden. She has happy memories of her Mum pushing her on her swing. However, after the accidents her spirits sink. She wonders what is going to happen…

You can buy this from Amazon for £3.49

*we got given this book for our words and photos*

Family Fever

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