Friday, 27 May 2016

Printworks Manchester Review

On Sunday we were invited to the Printworks in Manchester for a family day out, I haven't been for years and then I can't remember the night out.

We arrived in Manchester and it was really busy, both Daddy and I wondered why, then we saw people with race numbers on and realised that the Manchester 10K was on. When we got into the Printworks it was buzzing with excitement already - even at half 11 in the morning, with police walking around to make sure the peace was kept, the bars were already filling up, a band was playing in the middle of Printworks and people were dancing on the little dance floor they had made for them.  The atmosphere was electric and made you want to stay wandering around.

Printworks Manchester
Printworks Manchester
Our first stop was at a restaurant, there are so many restaurants to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, from Frankie and Benny's to the Harvester, we choose Chiquito - we have all been to before but not since Summer was a baby so we thought we would try it again.

We were very welcomed; they talked to the girls when we arrived which made the girls feel at home, showed us a table, told us our waiter's name which I can't remember and gave us the biggest hat of Nachos and salsa (which the girls were amazed at) while we decided on what we wanted for lunch.

Sombrero with Nachos
Massive sombrero with Nachos  
We finally decided what we were all having and the waiter took our order, we sat and ate Nachos, the girls did their activity books they were given, we were all so chilled.

Our drinks arrived really quickly Kacy ordered a strawberry sensation, Kira a pepsi, Summer a milkshake, Daddy ordered mock-jito and I ordered a virgin colada
Our drinks
The girls drinks with moustaches and Daddy's and mine
We were all having a laugh doing the activity books, playing around with the moustaches they got with the straws and the Sombrero hats that they had around the table and dotted around the restaurant.

Girls messing around
Girls with Sombrero's and a big Moustache
Our food turned up, we only ordered mains and the girls got desserts with their meals. Girls didn't go for anything adventurous but they really enjoyed their food which is the main thing.  Daddy and I had a sharing meal called 'Street Food' so we got to try 3 different selections, Daddy had Mexican Frittata, Halloumi bites, Crispy taco, I had the sweet chroizo croquettes, Whipped Feta and Honey and quesadillas bites. It was so tasty and even though they were only small they filled us up.

Our food 
We finished our meals and the girls choose their desserts, the older two went for Brownie and ice cream and Summer had a minnie milk, I just had to have a taste of the girls - it was so nice I wanted one of my own.

The girls desserts
The Girl's desserts 

One thing Daddy and I noticed was that the restaurant was sound proof which we thought was fantastic, we only heard the music and noise of people when someone was walking into the restaurant.  The staff were all so friendly, we didn't feel rushed at all it was just a lovely, chilled meal out.

The next part of our day out at Printworks was to go to the cinema to see The Jungle Book which the girls have wanted to see since it came out. The seats were so comfortable and the girls didn't need booster seats which they do in other cinemas we have been to. Summer got slightly scared at some points when she thought Mogley or any of the characters were hurt, but other than that the girls loved it and can't wait for it to come on DVD.

Angry birds display and the girls
We had a fantastic day out at Printworks and couldn't recommend it highly, we will be going back for a day out very soon.

*We were given a voucher for the meal and cinema tickets for our own opinion and photos*

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  1. Sounds like a great day - I've never been to the Printworks ... might have to go!


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