Thursday, 26 May 2016

Schleich Horse Set Review

With Summer loving the first animal farm set from Schleich we knew that Summer would love the Horse set, when it arrived she got so excited and couldn't wait for me to open it and start playing with it.

Summer and her horses
Summer extremely excited 
We got sent the Horse feeding set and eventing rider, In the Horse Feeding set you get a Mare and her Foal, with two bails of hay, 2 lots of carrots, a pen that all attaches together, a basket to hang onto the fence and a little girl. In The Eventing rider you get the rider, saddle, reins and the horse, The rider is shaped so he sits on the horse you can put his feet in the stirrups and he can hold the reins.

Horse feeding set and Eventing rider
Eventing Rider and Horse Feeding Set
Summer and I love these little sets, she has made so many little games up with just these toys alone. In July there is some new horse range coming out, I can't wait to show Summer these.

Summer playing her Horse set
Summer playing with the Horse Feeding set and The Eventing Horse

We will be definitely getting some more sets for her, The Horse Feeding Set is £14.99 and the Eventing Horse rider is £11.99.

*we got given these sets for our own photos and opinions* 

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