Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Snail World Review

Kids love playing around in the dirt and finding creepy crawlies and Summer is no exception, so when we got the opportunity to review Snail World it was the perfect opportunity for Summer to go hunting for Snails.

Snail world
You get everything you need in the box to start you off on your journey of finding and keeping snails.
The box contains:

  • One Clear Tank with lid
  • A Magnifying glass
  • Forceps
  • Instructions booklet (with interesting facts about snails and all the different snails and slugs there is)

We got hunting for snails with no luck due to the weather being really nice, one of my friends said she had loads in her garden, she kindly dropped them off for us, we set up the tank and we put in a nice cool place away from direct sunlight which in our house is in the hallway, the snails were more active at night, it was fascinating to watch them eat the cucumber and apple I had put in which the instruction booklet told me to put in to feed them.  After a few days when it was raining I put them back outside under a brush.

The snails while they are eating and moving around
Summer has loved looking after the snails for a few days, so much so that she is even taking the whole kit into school so she can redo it with her school friends.

You can buy Snail world and other bug worlds from Interplay, Snail World is price at £9.99

*we were given snail world for our own photos and opinion* 

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