Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Useful Mum's Guide

Over the past ten years and having three children and three girls at that, I have learnt a few tricks along the way, as all parents do, but couldn't do it without having my Mummy friends to join me on my journey of parent hood to moan at, get ideas from or just to talk to about the weather.

So while thinking about my top ten lessons, I wondered what my Mummy friends top tip would be, so here is a list of what we all came up with:

  1. Bedtime routine is the key, but even that can go a bit pear shape.
  2. Don't be obsessed with being a perfect parent, no one is...most people just pretend they are
  3. To enjoy the time and cherish every moment because it goes to quick. 
  4. Plan, plan and more planning
  5. Pick your battles to win, some arguments are just not worth it.
  6. Make time for yourself. 
  7. You tend to do things differently when you have another.
  8. You learn to know what your kids are thinking before they do. 
  9. As long as you're trying to be a good parent you are one
  10. The housework can wait, your children are only little once. 
Don't forget to enjoy your children, laugh, play and learn through their eyes. 

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