Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dotty Detective Review By Kacy aged 10

I wasn't to sure on Dotty Detective as I had never heard of the author. I love the way that it is written as if Dot has written it. Her name is Dorothy but she prefers to be called Dot.

It was a really interesting book. I love mystery stories and that's exactly what it was. I loved the way that there was a red herring through the book and a clue that Dot didn't even notice. It's a great book, your constantly wondering all sorts of things such as, 'What is Laura up to?' or 'What is Dots idea?'.

The way that it kept on your toes was amazing. At school, we would be reading and the person sat next to me kept asking me what was happening because I was constantly asking myself questions. I couldn't wait to finish it. The twist was my favourite part, Dot was about to solve the mystery when another one started. It was such an interesting book that I ending up reading at any time I could.

You can buy Dotty Detective from Amazon for £5.99

*We got given this book for own photos and opinion* 

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