Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Educational playing with Schleich

Summer loves all of the Schleich toys and has a list as long as her arm of the animals she would like, which is pretty much all of them, over the past couple of months we have been given the opportunity to review a Farm set and a horse set.

Schleich has brought out an educational booklet to help parents, giving them tips on a balanced play diet, stimulating your child's imagination with fun games and lots more. 

Schleich was founded over 80 years ago, toy safety and the highest quality standards have always taken top priority, which you can tell in all their figurines, animals and play sets, since having the opportunity to review them before then I had never really looked at them due to the price of them, but now even though they are a bit pricey they are totally worth the cost of them. 

We got sent Three animals as you can see from the pictures they have fantastic details and stand freely without any trouble 

the animals we got sent
The animals we got sent
Summer was so pleased to receive some more animals to go with her other animals, that she had to get the rest of the animals to join in on the fun.

Summer lining all her animals up
Summer lining all her animals up
Summer telling me what they all are
Telling me what they all are

Counting her animals
Counting her animals 

 The booklet is fantastic way of encouraging different types of play and getting the parents to join in.

You can buy Schleich toys online or Smyths toy store from £2.99

We were given these animals for our own photos and opinions 


  1. This was fascinating and I am glad to see they actually look like animals, especially the donkey!

  2. I used to have these when i was a kid, had great hours of fun with them too


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