Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Lego Friends Camping Set Review By Kacy aged 10

When the Lego set arrived me and Kira both wanted it. Since it never works when we share because we have separate rooms, one of us had to have it. I really wanted it because I was getting back into Lego and was currently deciding which type of Lego I wanted to collect. Lego friends sounded promising since I used to love it so much. When my Mum decided to give it to me I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t wait to start building. It looked amazing on the box and even better when it was built.

lego friends camping set
Lego Friends Camping set

It had three bags which really helped me find the pieces and the instructions were super clear which was great because it meant I could build it all by myself, I was amazed that because the instructions were so clear it only took me 30 minutes. It came with two characters, Olivia, Andrea and a small bear cub came too. With the characters came to sets of goggles and two flowers that attached to their hair. They also had life jackets, if you took their heads of you could put them on.

Getting set up
Whats in the Lego box
I also loved it because there were spare pieces which I find great, sometimes they are so small you don’t see them fall of the table so it’s great to have spares. I enjoyed it so much that when I went out with my Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kristine that I bought some more which I can’t wait to build.

The lego set all finished
The Lego all finished

*We got given this product for own words and photos*


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