Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Review

Kira and Summer are loving the Fairy gardens from Interplay, when we were offered the new Fairy Garden to review, Kira was so excited to get stuck in.

My Fairy Garden LilyPad
My Fairy Garden Lilypad Garden
Everything you need was in the box, it comes with:- Flower pot house, Fairy Figure, Frog Figure, Floating Lilypads, Sunflower windmill, Grass seeds.  The door to the flower pot house turns into the bridge to go across the moat.  There is enough room in the flower pot house to make your own little bed to go in there, in the instructions booklet it gives you ideas of what else you could add to your Fairy Lilypad.

What it looks like out of the box
What comes in the box

With not being able to put flowers in the back garden because of Spirit, we found a pretty flower that could be either. While I got the compost from the garage, Kira played with the fairy and the frog.

I was rather silly and decided to do this indoors rather than in the back garden so I made a fair bit of mess with the compost which Kira thought was very amusing. 

Ready to plant the plant
Ready to plant the flower
Kira planting her plant
Kira putting the plant in the pot
This was so easy to do that I pretty much left Kira to do it herself, which she loved doing and now it has pride of place on my kitchen windowsill for everyone to look at and enjoy.

Kira loving her new Fairy Garden
Kira very impressed with her new Fairy Garden
You can buy this and other Fairy Gardens from the interplay website for £19.99

*we were given this product for free for our own photos and opinions* 

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