Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rent a Bridesmaids Review, By Kacy Aged 10

Rent a Bridesmaid was a great book, I absolutely love Jacqueline Wilson books. She is my favourite author. I have been so excited to get Rent a Bridesmaid.

Rent a bridesmaid
Rent a Bridesmaids

Rent a Bridesmaid was fantastic, I really felt like I was there, stood next to Tilly, all the way throughout the book. I was so surprised at the advert. It said that there was a very pretty, sensible nine year old with a barely worn gorgeous bridesmaid dress and that she will attend any wedding ceremony for a small rental fee.

It was amazing when her first letter arrived asking to rent Tilly for her wedding, you could really feel the excitement in the moment. Iris May Bloomfield was an extremely nice lady but unfortunately for Tilly, Iris and Tilly's Dad there are a few difficulties before the wedding. She wonders wether she will get more replies from her advertisement.

It had an outstanding twist at the end of the book which I didn't expect. It was totally unexpected ending. However, what was even more surprising was Tilly's emotional response to it. At the very end of the book though it was all ok, luckily.

You can buy this book from Amazon for £6.00

*We were given this book for our own views and photo*

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