Sunday, 28 August 2016

Summer Reading Challenge By Kacy Lawless Age 10

Over the Summer I have been doing a reading challenge introduced to us by our local library. I have found it very fun and found out about new authors. I have recently finished my last book because I started a week before my Summer holidays started. Summer and Kira started after me, Kira is on her fourth book and Summer gave it a go but wasn't really interested so only got up to her second book.

The Summer reading is actually called The Big Friendly Read after The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) because it is Roald Dahl's 100th Anniversary on the 13th September.

For the Summer Reading Challenge you have to read six books in six weeks. I have tried to chose books from authors that I have not read/heard of before. I don't remember the first book I read unfortunately but I do remember that it was by Vivan French, an author I read books from when I was seven/eight. I do remember the other five books I read:

1. Main Street: Needle And Thread (Ann M.Martin)
2. My Parent's Are Driving Me Crazy (Pete Johnson)
3. The Mermaid's Sister (Holly Webb)
4. Lily (Holly Webb)
5. Second Term At L'etoile (Holly and Kelly Willoughby)

Main Street: Needle And Thread like The Mermaid's Sister was the second of a series I had already started from previous visits to the library.

My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy was a very funny book and I would definitely read another book by Pete Johnson.

I read two Holly Webb books because I really enjoyed the first one and I wanted to try another one from a different series. They both had twists and plots that you didn't expect. The first Holly Webb book was part of a series I had already started. The second Holly Webb book was the first of a series I am continuing now.

Main Street: Needle And Thread like The Mermaid's Sister was the second of a series I had already started from previous visits to the library.

Second Term At L'etoile was a second book in a series I had been reading and I enjoyed it just as much as the first one.

 There are prizes to earn along the way as well, after two books you get a book mark, after four books you get an origami fortune teller, and finally after all six books you get a certificate and a medal. Overall I really enjoyed The Big Friendly Read.

my certificate
My certificate for completing the Big Friendly Read

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

9th Wedding Anniversary and Dublin

Daddy & I always try and spend the day with just us on our Wedding Anniversary, we don't have date nights and we rarely have the day to ourselves, so its our one day of the year where it is us two. We usually stay relatively local, which means places like a National Trust or the Yorkshire Dales for a walk but this year Daddy came up with a fantastic idea that we go to Dublin Zoo. I have wanted to go there for years, we looked at flights and how much it would cost us while we were over there, we managed to get flights for £40 return for both of us which is a bargain. We decided against hiring a car with the faff of it and how much it was going to cost we decided to stick to a taxi when we got there.

When the morning came for our day trip to Dublin, Nanna had kindly offered to come really early in the morning to look after you.  We had to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight, we had already checked in online so we just walked through had our passports checked, I set the metal detector off which made Daddy laugh, then I went through a body scanner and it said I had something metal in my stomach. This was news to me, then the security women checked me with the handheld scanner and nothing. So they put it down to my ear ring, luckily it didn't go off on the way back. As we still had an hour and a half before we had to be at the gate, we decided to go and get some breakfast and there was a Frankie and Bennie's in the terminal. Yummy!

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We got a taxi really easily, the taxi driver was so nice, he thought it was a bit strange that we had come all the way to Dublin to go to a zoo for the day and that we would be around the zoo in half a day, he told us about a nice little coffee shop, that Daddy and I never found and one on the way to the town. The taxi cost us what we thought it would, but was still really expensive at 30 euros. We also thought he had gone the really long way round and there was a airbus which goes to the airport and would of cost 20 euros for both of us return.

The zoo was only small so it did only take half a day, but if we had the girls with us it would of taken us a full day, they have lots of different play areas on the way round and a petting farm so is fantastic if you have the children with you.

These are most of the animals we saw, some animals just wouldn't cooperate and let me take their photo

Some of the animals and Daddy
Some of the animals and Daddy

more animals
More animals
 There were some animals that was a must see and we saw all of them, but if we couldn't of seen them all I had to see these,

I loved their enclosure they had so much space and so many different things to do, they are such majestic animals

The orangutans
The Orangutans 
 I have only ever seen a Gorilla once before and that was at Monkey world and this is going back 11 years, the big Gorilla is holding a baby one I was hoping to get a picture of it but she was protecting it.
The Gorillas
The Gorillas 

and last but not least saying I have never seen one before was the Hippo's

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We found our way out of the zoo and went to explore Dublin but I wouldn't bore you with that, we had a fantastic day in Dublin and we plan to go again but with the girls this time and go for two days.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Princess Peppa Enchanting Tower Review

Summer is a massive Peppa Pig fan so when we were given the opportunity to review a brand new Peppa Pig toy I knew Summer would love it. When we received it Summer was over the moon and couldn't wait to get it out and find out what was in it.  Here is the video Summer and I made of unboxing of the Peppa Pig Enchanting Tower.

The Peppa Pig Enchanting Tower is part of the new Peppa Pig range they have brought out, it is a lot sturdier then when Kira had Peppa Pig toys when she was 3/4.  It took Summer and I a couple of minutes to get it out of the box and set it up for Summer to get in there and get playing.

Princess Peppa Enchanting tower
Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower

It comes with Princess Peppa, a bed with a little pillow, a mirror that can be turned around for different pictures, a balcony that you can move around or a sofa as Summer calls it and the door turns all the way round.

Inside Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower
Inside Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower

The details inside the Tower are fantastic; making it a magical place that any Peppa Pig fan can play with and use their imagination for many years.

Summer Playing
Summer Playing 

You can buy the Enchanting Tower £24.99 and a range of other Peppa Toys from Smyths Toy shop 

*We were given this product for our words and opinions*

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Shibajuku Doll Review

Shibajuku Girls are a new series of doll on the market and it is set to rival Barbie which is nearing its 60th Birthday. The dolls were designed by a women in Australia called Madeleine Hunter, she has invented the Shibajuku Girls Doll by being inspired by the Japenese Harajuku and Shibuya Street Fashion.

Shibajuku Doll
Namika Shibajuku Doll
There is five in the series with all of them having different personalities, names and style.  They are a very pretty looking doll, Their hands, arms and legs all move making it really easy to undress and redress them.  Their shoes are big enough and easy enough to take off but they are not flimsy and too small that they fall off every chance they get meaning less likely to lose them when they are out and about.

Shibajuku Doll
Shibajuku Doll
 The four hair clips come out so you can switch and change them or even wear them yourself, their eyes aren't just painted on they are made out of glass so they sparkle and look more real, their eye lashes aren't painted on either.

Shibajuku Doll
These dolls will stand out on the shelves they aren't the normal size of Barbie dolls or the other type dolls you can get which are 11 inches tall, the Shibajuku dolls are 13 inches long, which makes them a nice size to hold and carry, they aren't heavy at all, I did think when we first received it that the head was going to be heavy so it would fall over, you don't get any of that, she is really easy to sit up or move her into positions you want her in.

You can buy Namika and the other four dolls in the series from Smyths toy shop for £24.99

*we were given this doll for our own words and opinion* 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Shuffle Twister Review

We were lucky enough to be picked as Rainbow testers this year, we were so excited to see what we would get to review. 


When we first got the shuffle twister travel game to review we were all very apprehensive about it, we didn't think it would be fun at all, well we were wrong! I would say it is better then the normal twister.

Shuffle Twister
Shuffle Twister

The instructions aren't the clearest but once you figure it out you wonder why it took you so long to figure it out.  

You place one card of each colour facing up spaced between the players then the rest of the pile goes into the middle.

The youngest goes first. They pick a card from the top of the pile and for example it will say place under your chin and then have a picture of a hand or a foot with a colour and what ever colour the person has got they touch them with their hand or foot and so forth, you have two lives before you're out. 

all of us playing twister
All of us playing Twister

As you can see form the pictures we were in some funny positions, we all had a fantastic time playing shuffle twister, you can buy this from Amazon for £6.99 it comes in handy travel pack with everything you need.

the contents
The contents
*We were given Shuffle twister for our own honest views and photos*