Wednesday, 24 August 2016

9th Wedding Anniversary and Dublin

Daddy & I always try and spend the day with just us on our Wedding Anniversary, we don't have date nights and we rarely have the day to ourselves, so its our one day of the year where it is us two. We usually stay relatively local, which means places like a National Trust or the Yorkshire Dales for a walk but this year Daddy came up with a fantastic idea that we go to Dublin Zoo. I have wanted to go there for years, we looked at flights and how much it would cost us while we were over there, we managed to get flights for £40 return for both of us which is a bargain. We decided against hiring a car with the faff of it and how much it was going to cost we decided to stick to a taxi when we got there.

When the morning came for our day trip to Dublin, Nanna had kindly offered to come really early in the morning to look after you.  We had to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight, we had already checked in online so we just walked through had our passports checked, I set the metal detector off which made Daddy laugh, then I went through a body scanner and it said I had something metal in my stomach. This was news to me, then the security women checked me with the handheld scanner and nothing. So they put it down to my ear ring, luckily it didn't go off on the way back. As we still had an hour and a half before we had to be at the gate, we decided to go and get some breakfast and there was a Frankie and Bennie's in the terminal. Yummy!

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We got a taxi really easily, the taxi driver was so nice, he thought it was a bit strange that we had come all the way to Dublin to go to a zoo for the day and that we would be around the zoo in half a day, he told us about a nice little coffee shop, that Daddy and I never found and one on the way to the town. The taxi cost us what we thought it would, but was still really expensive at 30 euros. We also thought he had gone the really long way round and there was a airbus which goes to the airport and would of cost 20 euros for both of us return.

The zoo was only small so it did only take half a day, but if we had the girls with us it would of taken us a full day, they have lots of different play areas on the way round and a petting farm so is fantastic if you have the children with you.

These are most of the animals we saw, some animals just wouldn't cooperate and let me take their photo

Some of the animals and Daddy
Some of the animals and Daddy

more animals
More animals
 There were some animals that was a must see and we saw all of them, but if we couldn't of seen them all I had to see these,

I loved their enclosure they had so much space and so many different things to do, they are such majestic animals

The orangutans
The Orangutans 
 I have only ever seen a Gorilla once before and that was at Monkey world and this is going back 11 years, the big Gorilla is holding a baby one I was hoping to get a picture of it but she was protecting it.
The Gorillas
The Gorillas 

and last but not least saying I have never seen one before was the Hippo's

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We found our way out of the zoo and went to explore Dublin but I wouldn't bore you with that, we had a fantastic day in Dublin and we plan to go again but with the girls this time and go for two days.

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