Sunday, 7 August 2016

Shibajuku Doll Review

Shibajuku Girls are a new series of doll on the market and it is set to rival Barbie which is nearing its 60th Birthday. The dolls were designed by a women in Australia called Madeleine Hunter, she has invented the Shibajuku Girls Doll by being inspired by the Japenese Harajuku and Shibuya Street Fashion.

Shibajuku Doll
Namika Shibajuku Doll
There is five in the series with all of them having different personalities, names and style.  They are a very pretty looking doll, Their hands, arms and legs all move making it really easy to undress and redress them.  Their shoes are big enough and easy enough to take off but they are not flimsy and too small that they fall off every chance they get meaning less likely to lose them when they are out and about.

Shibajuku Doll
Shibajuku Doll
 The four hair clips come out so you can switch and change them or even wear them yourself, their eyes aren't just painted on they are made out of glass so they sparkle and look more real, their eye lashes aren't painted on either.

Shibajuku Doll
These dolls will stand out on the shelves they aren't the normal size of Barbie dolls or the other type dolls you can get which are 11 inches tall, the Shibajuku dolls are 13 inches long, which makes them a nice size to hold and carry, they aren't heavy at all, I did think when we first received it that the head was going to be heavy so it would fall over, you don't get any of that, she is really easy to sit up or move her into positions you want her in.

You can buy Namika and the other four dolls in the series from Smyths toy shop for £24.99

*we were given this doll for our own words and opinion* 

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