Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Shuffle Twister Review

We were lucky enough to be picked as Rainbow testers this year, we were so excited to see what we would get to review. 


When we first got the shuffle twister travel game to review we were all very apprehensive about it, we didn't think it would be fun at all, well we were wrong! I would say it is better then the normal twister.

Shuffle Twister
Shuffle Twister

The instructions aren't the clearest but once you figure it out you wonder why it took you so long to figure it out.  

You place one card of each colour facing up spaced between the players then the rest of the pile goes into the middle.

The youngest goes first. They pick a card from the top of the pile and for example it will say place under your chin and then have a picture of a hand or a foot with a colour and what ever colour the person has got they touch them with their hand or foot and so forth, you have two lives before you're out. 

all of us playing twister
All of us playing Twister

As you can see form the pictures we were in some funny positions, we all had a fantastic time playing shuffle twister, you can buy this from Amazon for £6.99 it comes in handy travel pack with everything you need.

the contents
The contents
*We were given Shuffle twister for our own honest views and photos*

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