Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pet Parade Mummy and Baby

There is always a new toy coming out, sometimes you don't even know about it till you've seen an advert or your son/daughter sees it in the shop and says 'I want that!'  I had never hear of Pet Parade until I was asked if we would like to review the new Mum and Baby Pet Parade.

When we received it Summer was really excited to get playing with it, she loves anything animal based and the Pet Parade was no exception.

I don't know about you but my girls love anything small that they can carry around in their pockets or put in a bag and bring out with us and this is the perfect toy to do that with.  

You get the Mum who walks while using the joystick button on her back, her head and eyes move making it more realistic. The lead is magnetic so it's so easy to connect to the Mum and you can also push her along with it.

Mum and Baby
Mum and baby
 The Puppy comes with a magnetic dummy which is easy to place in her mouth, she also attaches to the Mum's tail and follow the Mum around .

Mum and Baby
Mum with her lead on and baby with her dummy in

Baby following Mum
Baby following Mum
 Each Mum comes with a little sticker so you can name your new friend what you want, Summer called her dog Bell.

Bell the dog and Baby

The Mum and Baby don't need any batteries to work meaning lots of endless play.  Why not go over to the pet parade YouTube channel where they have 14 Brilliant webisodes

You can see the whole range of Pet Parade families here the price for the Mum and Baby is £9.99

*we were given this toy for our own review and photo*

Family Fever

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Our Visit to The World Of Glass

I had never heard of The World of Glass until a couple of months back, even though I have done car boots in the car park next to it.  In the half term they do children's sessions they cost £3.99 per child - with hearing some fantastic things about the children's sessions it was a must in the summer holidays we did this with the girls' Auntie F, my nephew E and niece F.

We arrived slightly early so we could have a look around and see what else was there, the women on the desk said we could go in to the mirror maze while we waited for it to open.  The kids got stuck straight in we did have to remind them not to run which E realised really quickly why we told him not to due to him bumping his head by running into a mirror.

This is just stunning

The fun we had with the maze of mirrors
The fun we had in the maze of mirrors

The fun we had in the maze of mirrors
The fun we had in the maze of mirrors 
The 10-15 minutes or so went really quickly, we gathered the kids up and went to the room where we were doing the glass painting, the lady in there did tell me her name but I can't remember.  She gave us her full attention with us being the only ones there, she couldn't do enough for us.  She was so patient with the kids, gave them a helping hand if me or Auntie F were helping one of the other kids. We did other crafts while we waited for the first layer of paint to dry which was a fish mosaic which the girls left there and the lady put them on the wall, when we had finished making the glass painting we did a glass pane.

Glass painting
Glass painting
I couldn't get many photos of them doing the glass painting and other crafts due to me helping them and joining in on the fun.  We all had such a fantastic time the girls have already asked to go again when it is half term, Kacy and I want to go and have a go of the glass blowing because that looked like loads of fun and would be a fun daughter/ Mummy day.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Trolls Poppy Style Station Review

As a child I remember collecting Trolls and loving them; doing their hair and pretending we were in a cave with fire flies as lights, having loads of fun with friends with music and dancing.  You can imagine I was over the moon to find out Trolls were coming back with a movie coming out in October and toys, I knew that it will become a firm favourite in our house.

We got the opportunity to review the new Trolls Poppy Styling Head, with Kira loving to style her babies and Monster High dolls hair, I knew she would love this and Summer would too.

The first thing I noticed before I even got it out of the box was the hair wasn't overly long which at first I thought that was a bit rubbish.  After I got it out of the box and had a proper look at it I realised that was a good thing as it can't get tangled up and to a point you can't do anything with it other then putting it in the bin, but it didn't stop Kira having a whale of a time it.

Trolls Poppy styling head
Trolls Poppy Style Station 
It is colourful and Poppy looks cheeky - I love the hands and the ears it just makes it look so different to the normal styling heads out there.

After I got it out of the box (which was really easy) I realised the base had places for all the hair things - they all fitted perfectly and there wasn't that much of it either; meaning less to lose or stand on.

storage places
Poppy's Storage places
Kira loved doing Poppy's hair; she loved the fact her hair was bright pink and it had storage areas so you knew where everything was.

Kira playing with Poppy
Kira playing with Poppy

This is a fantastic toy for any child who loves Trolls and doing hair, Poppy style head has her own unique character just by looking at her, you can also buy a wig for Poppy's style head which will extend the fun even more.  I can't wait to see what other Troll toys they bring out.

You can buy this from Argos for £29.99

*We were given Trolls Poppy style station for our own opinions and photos*

Family Fever

Monday, 5 September 2016

Summer Holiday Fun with Beatrix Potter

At the beginning of the summer holidays we went to The World of Beatrix Potter in Windermere.  We have been there before and had a fantastic time; this time we went with Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kristine.  We got there a lot later then we had planned due to traffic which delayed us by an hour, which meant we couldn't park where we hoped to park rather then a mile further down the road.

Typical 10 year old Kacy didn't want to go and moaned about it but loved it when she was there.

When you first go in you sit through a 5 minute film all about Beatrix Potter and all her stories that she wrote, it is really interesting to watch and listen to how she became to become a writer and that most of her stories are based on where she lived or places she visited.

It is beautiful set out, they have put so much effort and thought into all of it, they have a booklet for the children with questions for them to answer which makes them look at all the displays properly.

Puddle duck
Jemima Puddle Duck

Jemima puddle duck
Jemima Puddle Duck in her nest

Kacy with Petter rabbit
Kacy With Peter Rabbit and Grandad Photo bombin

Peter being naughty
Grumpy Badger and rabbits

well its Grandad
Well it's Grandad!


Kacy complaining she is bored
Kacy complaining she is bored

The garden was absolutely stunning, they put so much thought to it, it was only small but it had so much to look at and is so colorful.

The beautiful statue in the garden
The beautiful statue in the garden

Peter rabbits jacket
Peter Rabbit's jacket

The squirrels
The Squirrels

The Owl eating a mouse
Can you see the tail coming out of it's mouth and the two mice in it's claws?


Mrs tiggy winkle
Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Summer with the frogs
Summer with the frogs

Kira with the rabbits
Kira with the rabbits

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, we ended up paying £12 more and getting a years pass and just having to pay £3.50 when we go for one of the girls.  It's only half a day but we loved it that much and with it being in Windermere there is so much more to do around it that you can go several times in a year and not get bored ... well unless you're Kacy and ten.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Sometimes A Book Can Be Better Than A Movie By Kacy Age 10

Have you ever been bored and just not sure what you can do? I have, numerous times I've instantly thought about what's on television. However, there is something better than a movie, a book.

Since I have been doing book reviews, I have been given the opportunity to read many amazing books such as, Geek Girl:All That Glitters, Harry And Hope,The School For Good and Evil: The Last Ever After, Dork Diaries, All My Secrets, Nathalia Buttface, Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City, The Shadow Keeper, Katy, Rent A Bridesmaid, Dotty Detective, The Other Alice and The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog. I have loved the majority of books I have been sent to review. The books that I have not, however, I have gone back to read again and really enjoyed them.

It's magic, reading a book, you can follow adventures you would never dream about. With a book and your imagination you can travel anywhere, do anything. It can take minutes to fly to the other side of the world. Seconds to transform into a totally different person. You can live peoples lives with them.

Another good thing is you learn all sort of interesting facts in some books (I've learnt a lot from Geek Girl) and you don't even release your learning. For example I have learnt from a book that astronauts hearts get rounder in space and that fourteen squirrels were once detained as spies.

Many things can come from a book, you can do anything, put yourself in the shoes of anyone, the possibilities are endless.

You can read all about my review on Geek Girl Here this was my very first book review.

You can read about my The Other Alice review here

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Jeremy Strong Book Review By Kacy aged 10

I really enjoyed the new Jeremy Strong book. It was a great break from the difficult chapter books I usually  read.

The Hundred mile an hour dog
The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog

It was an extremely funny story but I would definitely say it is for younger children though because unfortunately I worked out the ending half way through. The funniest part for me was when they used the hair extensions and dye on Streaker, it was a different take on the best way to disguise a dog.  There are so many funny sections of the book for you to chose from weather its when they dye Streaker to running from the dog snatcher.  It was really fun to read and very imaginative.

There are pictures throughout the story
There are pictures throughout the story

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